Make Trump Unimpeachable

Democrats have made it clear that they intend to hold President Trump guilty of crimes he didn’t commit.  For two years, Donald Trump has fought with one hand tied behind his back because half of Republicans would work with Democrats to overthrow him.  That must end!  President Trump should launch an investigation of every member of Congress for their finances and anti-American activities.  Any attempt at impeachment should result in immediate indictments for obstruction of justice.  Congress cannot impeach the president for crimes he didn’t commit as they are committing those very crimes.  Let their lives be examined under the microscope Trump has suffered.

Desperate Dems Want Don McGahn to Become John Dean

The Mueller report has turned up no crimes by which they can accuse Donald Trump.  Innocent people cannot obstruct justice and he has cooperated in this farcical investigation in the extreme.  Leftists are attempting to keep Trump hobbled with their bogus charges until the 2020 election when they plan on overthrowing him via massive voter fraud by Latino-communists they imported and seeded into swing states.  The problem for Trump these first two years is that half of Republicans have been willing to work with Democrats because they are complicit in their crimes.  Investigating all of them would result in the removal of virtually all Democrats and half of Republicans for crimes ranging from campaign donation violations to bribery to fraud to treason.  Let Democrats cry that Trump is hindering their continued witch-hunt and false allegations while Trump can turn the tables on them as criminals who do not have the right to oust their accuser or the investigators.

Democrats no longer have a leg to stand on in condemning Trump or in policies they offer to the people.  They have only their lies and their hate.  Everything they say is based on false premises, accusations, innuendos, and suppositions.  Democrats are so desperate they are even willing to give the vote to criminals still in prison.  This is just another step down the road of the Communist Manifesto.  Leftists throughout history from Islam to communism have always turned to the worst people of societies to promote their ideology.  The people who promote criminals and cheer for killing babies say Trump is too immoral for them.  Democrats cannot possibly stand up under the light of any legitimate investigation.  Hillary’s crimes of revealing classified information over her illegal server and destroying subpoenaed evidence certainly doesn’t stop her from convicting Trump on their erroneous charges.  Every Democrat should be brought to court from AOC and her campaign finance theft up to Obama funding the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic State.

The two-faced Democrat Party of anti-American communists must not be allowed to import more invaders in their efforts to overthrow the Constitution.  Their constant slander of Republicans as white nationalists when their own party is the foundation of racism and socialism in America cannot be permitted to succeed.  The twenty rabid Democrat communists smearing Trump as un-American are as twisted in their hearts as the words that come out of their mouths.  America is still in very real danger of being overthrown by the left.  Democrats like Biden say they want to take back their country.  America has never been the Democrat’s country.  They have fought against the Constitution from the Founding.  Donald Trump has taken America back from the brink of democratic socialism that would result in their ideologies of fascism, Nazism, and communism tearing down this great nation.  Trump saved America for her patriots, but this war will never end.  Americans must fight every day to save this nation from the left.

Trump – Innocent People Cannot Obstruct Justice

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Trump Vows to Investigate the Democrat’s Attempted Coup

Dealing in Reality Against the Fictional World of Liberalism

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Democrats are going after President Trump’s Executive Counsel, Don McGhan.  They are subpoenaing him to testify before Congress after he has already testified to Mueller for over thirty hours.  President Trump has said enough and is exercising Executive Privilege to put a halt to this farce.  Democrats are threatening to hold him and other Trump officials in Contempt of Congress.  They say this is equivalent to what Republicans did to Obama’s AG Holder when he refused to testify.  In that case, Congress was not investigating the president, but inquiring into the AG’s actions within his office.  Obama had no right extending executive privilege to an underling.  These Democrats are after Trump, so he has every right.  This is not legitimate congressional action.  This is leftist Democrat persecution in violation of American law.

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