NO ONE is entitled to ‘alternative facts’


The creators of fake news accuse Trump and Spicer of lying.

Liberals are angry at Trump & Co. because they refuse to agree with liberals and use only the facts leftists want to represent the truth.  Democrats demand that Kellyanne Conway be shunned and not spoken with in order that her “falsehoods” are avoided.  This is how the Left keeps the people from hearing both sides of their stories and judging the truth for themselves.  They want the power to dictate, not to permit freedom of thought.

“If you can’t refute a lie then you don’t know the truth.”

Take Obama’s illegal immigrant deportations false facts; that he has deported more illegals than any president.  All he did was take names at the border then have patrols turn their backs as they walked in.  Just check and see how many hundreds of thousands of illegal alien kids he took in and then flew their parents in to join them.

Leftwing media selects the truth they want to believe and wants to censor disagreement.  Obama released tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens onto American streets where they continue to commit crimes only because their home country refused to take them back.  The solution to this is simple.  If the host doesn’t take them back and they are dangerous then they are executed and the host country punished.

The left complains about arguing with Trump about the attendance of his inauguration, but they began the argument in an attempt to falsely diminish him.

Inaugural crowds “alternative facts”

  • CNN posted pic of Obama’s inauguration speech and put it next to Trump’s, but used one of growing crowd hours before the event.
  • Democrats boycotted and deliberately withheld their tickets so that no one would show up, leaving some open spaces libs said was lack of enthusiasm.
  • Unlike Democrats, Republicans work, so most watched on TV rather than going to Washington with their hands out as Democrats did.

This was a deliberate effort to diminish Trump and glorify Obama.  That’s why the leftwing media “facts” cannot be trusted.  They lie, cheat, manipulate, and misrepresent the truth, warping the facts and twisting the words of Republicans while hiding the falseness of Democrats.

Facts are immutable, not in the eye of the beholder.  Take climate change; Republicans know the science that climate change is caused by solar output.  The Sun is a stable, but not a static source of heat.  There are also factors in Earth’s environment like volcanic activity that have some influence.  But Democrats believe that man’s industrial pollution is driving climate change and that mankind’s CO2 pollution will cause the planet to heat until the atmosphere burns up and all life is extinguished.

CO2 the global warming lies

These are not “alternative facts.”  One is factual.  The other is a lie created to dupe those ignorant of science that they must give their money to government to save them.  That leftists appeal to the empty egos of the ignorant telling them they are the intelligent educated ones, and that those who reject junk science are backwards religionists who don’t believe in science, is how they gain control over the gullible.  They create the Inquisition and name it science.


This is why alternative facts are not justified.  It is one thing to have a different viewpoint or opinion, but another to believe what isn’t so.  This has been the hallmark of dysfunctional liberal thinking that can only be overcome through education.  Conservatives are liberals who learned.

Ending the Democrat hegemony

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1 Response to NO ONE is entitled to ‘alternative facts’

  1. EIleen says:

    This is a very good article. Facts vs Truth. Truth is what is – example, the sun has sunspots which affect the climate. A fact is the climate is changing due to human driving cars or eating beef. It is true that the climate is changing, but the fact that it is due to humanity is conformational bias. A responsible journalist or critical reader of news takes the extra time required to discern fact from truth. As a note, we all have conformational bias – the trick is to recognize it for what it is and understand it.

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