Ending the Democrat hegemony


Democrats want to clone the TEA Party

In 2012 I thought America would wake up to what Democrats are after four years of Obama wrecking America, but I was wrong.  It took setting the world on fire for people to wake up.  Democrats thought they could win between conning minorities and stuffing the ballot box as leftists always do.  (What?  You think Chavez and Saddam actually got 98% of the vote?)  Now Democrats want to clone the TEA Party movement for themselves to recover their catastrophic loss of power.  They already manufactured their clones in Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.  But clones built on lies have no substance.

The TEA Party is not an organization.  We are patriotic Americans who love this country and saw how the Left was striving to tear it apart so they could recreate it in their image as a socialist banana republic with themselves in charge.  Their plan – to enlist America-hating minorities and use voter fraud to stuff the ballot boxes just failed epically!  Americans just elected an American son with the brilliance and the drive to tear down the constructs of the Left and bring about an American renaissance.

Donald Trump is already proving the reason he became a billionaire.  His genius may be somewhat concealed behind his bombastic personality, but no one ever said that an economic genius is never crude, rude, lewd, or socially unacceptable.  Bill Clinton was a rapist and serial molester, but women of the Democrat Party had no problem with him, or his wife – the most cheated on woman in America – whose corruption ran to the core.  Trump is representing American values and instituting American policies that the TEA Party thought they would get electing Republicans, but did not.

Democrats have invested in minority groups that hate America leaving all Americans only one place to go – and Donald Trump filled the vacuum that has been left by corrupt Washington elites.  Cleaning house, stopping voter fraud, and beating down propaganda will be a full time job.  But the dynamo that is Donald Trump can not only do that, but he can rebuild America and make advances toward great American achievements at the same time.  He has already done more for America’s economy on his first weekend in office than Obama did in eight years.  Leftwing propaganda aside, America’s stagnation and decline are being reversed, and Democrats are furious!

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1 Response to Ending the Democrat hegemony

  1. EIleen says:

    If liberal states want to invoke the 10th Amendment for something that is NOT a specific right delegated to the states (immigration), let them. The other 40 states (or so) would be glad to see their tax dollars and Social Security tax go to people who worked their whole lives. IMO, the President cutting off the funding for sanctuary cities will ram home how dependent these progressive cesspools are dependent upon the other states. Progressives are used to having their own way just by spouting off their mouths. They have no idea how to earn money, let alone what it looks like.


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