Two-faced leftist Obama says don’t listen to the truth

fake-newsObama began his presidency telling Republicans not to listen to Rush Limbaugh whom he says does not speak the truth and he is ending his presidency the same way.  Telling the people to only believe what he says and not listen to those who reveal the truth is the soul of the demagogue.

Obama; do as I say, not as I do, tells Trump he shouldn’t use executive orders as Obama did.  Trump threw that advice back in his face pointing out how Obama used his phone and his pen to create laws that were against the Constitution.  Now Obama wants Trump to hold fast to the Constitution and not overthrow his illegal laws.  As if the brilliant businessman will actually take orders from the demagogue!

Leftist media reporting on Democrats trying to overthrow the democratic process call them noble.  If the situation was reversed and Republicans were doing this they would be called traitors.  In either case it is always the rightwing people who are harassed and terrorized, just as it is always left-wingers who conduct riots, assassinations, and terrorism.  Obama’s DoJ is not lifting a finger to investigate and bring to justice those who are making death threats against GOP Electors, but they are happily persecuting police in cities for shooting black criminals in self-defense while ignoring Islamic jihadis planning terror attacks.

Obama scolded his own media propagandists for allowing rightwing truth that he calls “partisan propaganda” to be disseminated turning voters against Democrats.  Barack Hussein expects the ignorant people to believe in his Nobel Peace Prize and not see with their own eyes how his foreign policy of arming jihadis to overthrow their governments in the Middle East has set the region on fire.  He would have the Moral Majority be silent once more and we will not stop exposing his lies.

Obama anti-truth rant

An example of how the Right is telling the truth that the Left is trying to hide is revealed in the leftist “newspaper of record,” the New York Times, reporting an op-ed of a Republican Elector in Texas who voted against Trump.  They lauded his “voting his conscience,” but did not report the investigation that revealed him to be a complete fraud – a Democrat who infiltrated the GOP based on a phony resume.  Chris Suprun is the quintessential agent of Hydra.

Suprun stolen valor

Liberals at MTV suffering from depression in their dysfunctional thinking universe came up with their New Year’s Resolutions to try to guilt white men for making America great.  According to these snowflakes America is only for white men while women, blacks, Mexicans, and Moslems are all suffering oppression under their rule.  These simpletons see the black criminals assassinating police and rioting as righteous dissenters against racism, Mexicans stealing into the country to take jobs and send money back to their homeland as refugees, and Moslems terrorizing Americans in their efforts to impose Sharia on the world as religious freedom.  This isn’t a chastisement of white privilege, but a rant of anti-white racism, anti-male sexism, and anti-Christian hate.  Presenting their bigotry as funny isn’t comedy.

MTV anti-white male rant

The Left is everything they accuse the Right of being.  They project their bigotry and hate on the people they despise and cannot see the forest past the trees that cloud their own vision.  There is fake news in the media and it has all been by the Leftarts who seek only to pull the wool over the eyes of the ignorant.

Avalanche of Fake News

LEFTARTS – Leftwing America-hating Radical Terrorist Socialists

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7 Responses to Two-faced leftist Obama says don’t listen to the truth

  1. EIleen says:

    And of course, they aren’t even talking about the elector in WA state who voted “with conscience” and voted for Faith the Spotted Eagle. This isn’t a question about whether WA state should have allowed the vote; at least Chris Sumprum voted for John Kasich, who is a Republican and a former candidate. If other states allowed rogue elector votes, Bernie Sanders would have gotten about 10 votes, all of them Clinton electors “voting with conscience”.

    So, she LOST electoral votes. Donald Trump lost within the range of expectations for rogue electors. Clinton set a new record! So, despite what the leftists say about Donald Trump, Clinton was so unelectable that she not only had to rig the vote in CA to win (hmm, Bernie Sanders fans – sound familiar?) but she couldn’t even keep the electoral college in check!

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  2. EIleen says:

    I made a BIG Mistake. Faith is a real person. My sincere apologies to Faith for my error and to those who were / are offended by my post. I completely forgot about the pipeline going over Sioux Territory.


  3. Debbie says:

    “Vote your conscience” is code for vote for who I tell you to vote for!! Just like “we wanted to start a conversation” means we lied or faked a conservative news story containing any of the preferred false narratives the left likes to use such as racism, homophobia,, Islamophobia, bigot, etc! They have no shame as Obama demonstrates on a daily basis.

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  4. guidvce4 says:

    Projection has always been the tool of the left when it comes to, uh, well, everything. They push the narrative that the right is all about the -isms which are destructive to liberty and freedom. Unfortunately, there are enough gullible, non-rational, snowflakes who will believe whatever the leftist zero of the moment blathers about. So we come to “fake news” as a means to block the truth via pretty much any media other than the leftits approved sources. The zero of the moment points to whatever propaganda the left wants believed, while hiding the real truth. An old illusionists trick of showing one hand and hiding whatever is going on in the other.


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  6. LMinAppleton says:

    “The Left is everything they accuse the Right of being.” Over the years I have realized this more and more. My father was this way, always accusing my mother and I of lying or cheating when, in reality, he was the liar and cheat. While the Left and those like my father are obviously projecting, there seems to be an actual psychological term for this: Projective Identification.

    According to the website Daily Kos in their article “Psychology of Hatred Part II: Projection & Projective Identification” (http://www dot (I replaced the “.” after “www” with “dot”), the angry person accuses someone else of being angry, a liar accuses others of lying, the cheater accuses others of cheating, and the thief accuses others of stealing. The article also states that projection is not just a Freudian defense mechanism, it is also a powerful tool for justifying aggression.

    This definition fits perfectly with radio talk show host Michael Savage’s explanation of Liberalism, and the only one that has ever made sense to me: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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    • dustyk103 says:

      Unfortunately, it is one from which we all suffer from our youth. It takes maturing and learning to take responsibility for your actions rather than lying to escape the consequences of your bad choices. This is what liberals who continue till they are over thirty never do and they become lifelong Democrats always blaming Republicans for their failures and never seeing the Democrats who are causing their problems as the problem. It is self-sabotaging psychosis.


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