The Obama’s “FU America Tour”


Killing the hopes and dreams of the Islamo-Nazi Commie Fascist Left would be the greatest blessing that God could bestow on a renewed America!

As the day of his ouster nears and he realizes he cannot stage a military coup to overthrow Donald Trump, Barry Sotero, aka Barack Hussein Obama Moslem pretender, is making every effort to set Trump up for failure.  After admonishing Trump publicly to not use Executive Orders to dictate as Obama has, he went to his pen to forge a slew of decrees to sabotage the Trump presidency.  Unfortunately for the infantile Barry, his commandments that America not drill oil, not mine coal, not restrict immigrants, and not punish criminals will be quickly swept aside by the American president.  Obama’s America hate will be abolished and his wife’s lament that the Left has lost all hope will be made a fact as The Donald works tirelessly to bring America back from the brink.  Obama’s efforts are designed so that he can demagogue from his shadow government in Washington and declare every time Trump overturns an Obama initiative he is destroying America, the world, and all life on planet Earth.

What needs to happen next is for Trump to sweep away every Obama operative, every Democrat appointee, every liberal saboteur that has been installed in government, and then make voter ID laws that will help to abolish Democrat ballot box stuffing.  Trump’s successful campaign is the greatest Christmas present America could have this year.  After ten years of Democrats tearing down this country, stealing our children’s prosperity, and presiding over the decline and transformation of America into a banana republic of their own, Americans have rebelled against the tyrannical traitors to the liberty provided by the Constitution.  Their importation of foreigners to infect our voter system and debase our culture with anti-Christian hate is now under counter attack at long last!  Donald Trump may be rude, crude, lewd, and socially unacceptable, but he is the politically incorrect leader that the TEA Party and righteous American patriots have needed to take the fight to the Left in a way no modern Republican, even Ted Cruz, has been able to do.  This is not a time for being legal or being tolerant, but being vicious in destroying the Left’s war on Christian America.

With his fantastic campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, now as Special Counsel to the President, President Trump will have his own Rush Limbaugh at his side.  Every time she confronts a liberal in debate she makes them look as stupid as their policies are and body slams them in the most righteous way.  The Donald has put together a Cabinet that is the TEA Party conservative movement’s wet dream and even the most staunch NeverTrumper has no cause for complaint, though there are still some who hold out because they dislike Trump’s aggressive personality.  But this is just what the righteous need in a leader to win this war with the leftist haters of America – a leader who is willing to fight fire with fire and now bow to the Leftarts who are terrorizing this nation with their censorship of all the is Godly and right.  President Trump vows to drain the swamp of Washington corruption and his tenacity and brilliance gives the people their best opportunity since Teddy Roosevelt of re-establishing Americanism rather than globalism to rebuild America’s greatness as founded.

America has rejected the Left.  Now it is up to Americans to be diligent in not falling for liberal propaganda from the Democrat media and stand against them on all fronts.  Stories saying Trump is betraying America will be constant and never-ending and it is up to the righteous to separate truth from liberal fiction as they generate terabytes of fake news.


In one more act of petty spite, Obama urged and allowed the anti-American forces at the UN to condemn Israeli settlements on their lands.  His betrayal of America and declaration of allegiance to Islam are made clear in this act of sedition against America’s allies and the free world.

Obama proves his allegiance to Islam stabbing Israel in the back

There are NO Moslem allies in the War on Islamic Terror

Obama sabotaging Trump’s fight against terror

Obama seeks to stop Trump’s energy revival

The legacy of “Saint Hillary”

The Trump presidency – Hope is kindled

So Sad!  Conservatives cause Satanic Leftarts to lose hope

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3 Responses to The Obama’s “FU America Tour”

  1. EIleen says:

    Kelly Anne Conway is very good at gauging the mood of the country. It was she who figured out how to talk to inner city African Americans without PE Trump sound like he was pandering for their vote. As long as there are elements of the government (AKA Congress), PE Trump needs someone around who can tell him how to go into Democratic districts and turn those constituents against their representatives and get them to cooperate. She figured out how to do it with Republicans, and that is why PE Trump won the election despite the DNC’s best efforts to steal it. In conversations now, it is, IMO, to make a distinction between the rank-and-file Democrat (or former Democrats) and their leadership. Lumping all Democrats as crybaby leftists is the surest way of alienating them.

    The other point I wish to make is that the reason why Obama is doing what he is doing is because he lost the support of the military, the rank and file soldier that he needs to impose martial law. Although he appointed girly men to be in charge, it is not clear that these generals or admirals have the respect of their ground troops. If he had that respect, we would be under martial law, using “Russian hacking of the cyberspace” as an excuse and to call a new election, now that the DNC has plugged the holes in their ballot stuffing, electronic voting machine cheating process. I think it is worth noting that HRC has lost Obama’s support and that his imposition of martial law would NOT have necessarily resulted in a Clinton presidency.


  2. dustyk103 says:

    “Lumping all Democrats as crybaby leftists is the surest way of alienating them.”

    As with anything all Democrats are not in the category of crybaby leftists because they voted Republican for Trump, so I don’t think they will feel slighted or alienated by how their former brethren are labelled. They probably agree.


  3. Once Written says:

    Bo is a buffoon. He is trying everything he can to undermine Trump’s transition. I heard today he will stay in Washington. Funny thing, he is building a ‘wall’ around his new 8 bedroom house, go figure.


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