Next presidential debate another forum for Hillary


The Democrat media will continue its efforts to smear Trump while covering up Hillary’s crimes.  The Chicago press was equally known for its infamous sycophantic glorification of Al Capone.  The Clinton’s and Capone have equivalent histories of corruption, thefts, and murders in their wakes.

Trump’s best moment in the first debate was when he made the point that Hillary has had thirty years implementing Democrat policies that have brought naught but misery and improved nothing.  Liberals blame Republicans and capitalism for America’s economic decline that Obama is orchestrating.  But Democrats want to make the conversation about Trump’s peccadillos rather than Hillary’s lies, corruption, and rapes.

Trump’s locker room talk vs. Clinton’s rapes

They claim that Obama has been unable to transform America to be great because he was blocked by the Republican Congress for his eight years.  Is it stupidity or willful ignorance that they ignore the fact that Obama had his first two years with a Supermajority Democrat Congress in which he passed anything he wanted?  Is it corruption or betrayal that the Republicans elected to stop Obama were themselves blocked by Boehner who allied with Obama against the TEA Party?  Trump now represents a true outsider, a supremely successful businessman who understands the corruption in Washington, and who vows to work for the people to root it out, while Hillary guarantees to be Obama’s next term.

For eight years the Republican Congress has stifled Obama’s “great vision”

Democrats have been waging war on American law with Obama dictating from the Oval Office, granting citizenship to illegal aliens and shutting down businesses like coal with a stroke of his pen.  As Obama makes America dependent on foreign energy by shutting down coal mining and efforts to restrict oil drilling, Hillary promises to sustain his policies with more taxes on Americans.  Trump’s proposals are to take the best of Reagan/Gingrich policies and restore the American economy and American strength in the world.

How do Clinton & Kaine make the promise to rebuild America’s military with straight faces when they assisted Obama in gutting our military and weakening America?  Obama’s war on police and war on Christians have born the fruit of allowing the New Jihad to be unleashed on the world.  Who do you trust to lead America back to its place as Leader of the Free World and crush the New Jihad?  Those who brought us down by stealing America’s wealth putting the nation into $20T of debt, or will you believe them when they say the man who would build us back up is the unstable one because he’s not a polished, lying politician?

Obama has become the greatest conman of all time

Trump has no need to put on a show in the debates as he does at rallies.  He needs only bring up the issues as Hillary spends all her efforts on her slanders because she has nothing to offer except government confiscation of wealth.  When she taunts him for calling women names, he needs to take the gloves off and slam her back by bringing up her past of doing what he has never done – destroying the lives of the women her husband molested whom she smeared as “bimbos.”  Clinton’s rapes make The Donald’s locker room talk childish.  But don’t waste any time getting in the slam and back to the issues!

Liberals are so fearful and desperate to smear Trump that they claim Trump is not proud of his choice for VP, but jealous of his debate victory.  They say Gov. Pence won the debate, not because he is a brilliant man chosen by Trump, but because he was setting himself up to run in 2020 after Trump’s defeat.  Both of these smears by the Left seek to convince those ignorant of Trump’s character of the lie Democrats want to promote.  The Donald is a smart man and he learns quickly, so expect him to come out in the next debate better and in the last debate, where Hillary won’t have a leftwing moderator to protect her, even better still.  Hillary may well bow out of the debate with Chris Wallace if she is unable to threaten his family beforehand.

Trump needs to recognize trick questions and distractions

On a side note, Hurricane Matthew is the first major hurricane to come close to hitting the U.S. in eleven years.  This is after Al Gore and the climate change fraudsters said that the U.S. would be hit by major hurricanes constantly following Katrina.  America has been hit by a couple of small hurricanes, but after Superstorm Sandy (the kind of “nor’easter” that hits once in a century) hit the northeast in 2012 helped Obama get re-elected, Democrats are praying for some new disaster to blame on Republicans to help get Hillary elected, and are hoping this could mark that upcoming event.

If this hurricane circles back and creams Florida, hopefully Gov. Scott will have a stiffer spine than Christie and say he needs Trump to assist the state because Obama and Hillary certainly won’t.  Democrats are already screaming “climate change” from the rooftops as if their scam hasn’t been as overexposed as Hillary’s corruption and they are more than willing to accept more of it.  The media will need an Act of God to distract the public because they cannot hide the vile corruption of Hillary Clinton the way they did the unknown background of America’s Moslem deceiver-in-chief.

But never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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