Trump’s locker room talk vs. Clinton’s rapes for self-righteous hypocrites


Hillary’s “October Surprise” on Trump is locker room talk of a hottie, while the Democrat media continue to cover up Hillary’s assistance of Bill’s rapes.

This is Hillary’s big “October Surprise” on Trump?  An audio some Democrat operative secretly recorded of The Donald’s locker room talk about an actress who was hitting on him?  You can bet this is going to be the BIG Democrat talking point in the next debate about how “Trump disrespects women.”

Trump apology for the two-faced

You can also bet that if Trump brings up Hillary’s husband’s rapes, molesting women, sexually harassing them as governor, and having sex with interns in the White House as president, and her destroying their lives if they dared to protest, that the Democrat moderators will attempt to shut him down.  It will be completely up to Trump to talk over them and say what the dupes in the public need to hear.  99% of Millennials have no clue what kind of people the Clintons are and need to have their eyes opened.  Of course, that will probably make no difference to most of them because the Clintons are their kind of people.

Democrats who claim to be righteous are like Al Capone claiming to be a businessman.  Hating Trump for saying he’d like to f*** a hot woman, while loving Hillary for assisting her husband in raping women, is far worse than two-faced.  It’s the equivalent of believing God is an oppressor and Satan a liberator.  This kind of twisted perversion is what passes for morality on the Left.

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3 Responses to Trump’s locker room talk vs. Clinton’s rapes for self-righteous hypocrites

  1. Eileen says:

    If the FemNazis who run the Democratic Party ever got out and SOCIALIZED among normal people, they would discover that normal WOMEN talk the same way in their locker rooms. i am glad to know that Trump is a NORMAL man instead of being a self righteous, I am a goody two shoes, listen to me hypocrite. I am a woman and I am NOT insulted by Mr. Trump’s comments; and if the FemNazis are then they ought to go back to school and learn about the birds and the bees because that is all it is. Ask any guy about what they talk about in THEIR locker rooms without women present – you might be surprised by the answer. From what I heard, Trump’s tape was relatively tame.

    All the guys who are shaming Trump ought to be ashamed of themselves for hypocrisy – unless they actually believe that talking about the birds and the bees is somehow objectifying women. Do they think that such talk by women are objectifying men, or do they actually believe women are incapable of talking this way? If they really believe that male locker room banter is objectifying, why do they look the OTHER way at Islamic countries which outwardly objectify women and treat them as sex slaves? I

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  2. Keith says:

    Hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Kerry and Comey are intentionally bringing America down. We have never before been so unsafe as a country but the Media and Democrats are ‘horrified’ that Trump likes women and isn’t gender confused.
    Feminists supported Bill Clinton when he created national attention of oral sex as a normal act in the WH.


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