Trump needs to recognize trick questions and distractions


When a leftist sets you up for a fall, don’t trip.  Word of the day – premise

False Premise

The Art of Politics is making yourself look grand and your opponent look foolish.  One of the ways of doing this is through the tactics of projection and deflection.  This is a lesson that Donald Trump needs to learn and learn fast.

Lying liberals always ply conservatives with questions based on false premises often comprised of double negatives, twisted meanings, and confusing syntax in order to misdirect.  A false premise is a question designed to make any answer wrong like, “Do you still beat your wife?”  Liberal’s premises are always based on lies they want to promote.  Never walk into the trap by answering a liberal who tries to set the stage on the basis of their lies.


Liberals will set up a false premise to create a false characterization of conservatives by posing false accusations to make their opponent appear to be in the wrong.  Democrat Sen. Kaine attempted this in the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate with Republican Gov. Pence.  Here is that exchange;

Kaine poses false premise to Pence in VP debate

Kaine: “I’d love to hear Gov. Pence tell me what’ so enjoyable or comical about nuclear war?”


The premise of this question is; Gov. Pence believes nuclear war to be enjoyable and comical.  This is the same as Democrats who say, “Republicans want to drink dirty water and breathe dirty air.”  The basis of the question is stupid in proposing that there are people who believe nuclear war is fun and amusing or that drinking dirty water or breathing dirty air is healthy.  Obviously no one believes nuclear war is fun and no one wants to drink dirty water.  By posing this question with its false premise, Sen. Kaine tries to set up Gov. Pence to trip him up and make him look like a fool or a liar.  But the governor is far too wise to fall for this stupid trap.

Liberals will always attack because they can never defend their ideology which is founded in falsehood.  If you defend against their attacks, or even when you ignore their attacks, then they will accuse you of either lying or having something to hide.  This is not when you say pretty political words like “disingenuous.”  It’s when you say, “You’re full of sh*t and a f*cking liar,” and go on the attack yourself.  You don’t get distracted by their false accusations, but expose the truth about liberal lies.

This is where Donald Trump goes wrong in defending himself against every liberal attack and why he falls in the polls.  It’s not because he isn’t smart.  It’s not because he is foolish.  It’s not because he has a bad temperament.  It’s only due to his inexperience in the world of political lies.  Trump just needs to learn to focus on what is important and ignore what is a bunch of crap.  He needs to learn to attack Hillary with the truth and ignore her attacks of lies.  Who cares if he called a Miss Universe “Miss Piggy” for getting fat 20 years ago?  Hillary and her husband did far worse to his “bimbos.”

conservative vs. liberal truth

Tearing the Church of Liberalism a new one

The Donald just needs to stay on point and hammer home the disastrous failures of Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s policies.  He needs to learn to recognize a false premise and distractions and not be waylaid by liberal BS.  Hillary has nothing to offer America except more of Barack Obama’s destruction, which is why she concentrates all of her attention on the character assassination of Donald Trump.  While Barack and Hillary have been wrecking America, Trump has been working to build it up and now stands as the only man who can help this nation recover from the catastrophes of the Left.  Hillary campaigns on her “good intentions,” but she is only paving our road to Hell.


The psychology of liberalism

Understanding the psychology of liberals is the key to defeating their radical, foolish ideology.

Projection – is the act of blame shifting.  Liberals project their beliefs on Conservatives in order to deflect from their own flaws.  For example, Obama says conservatives would destroy the earth with CO2, so he shuts down oil production.  When the economy tanks because of this, he blames Republicans for higher gas prices and says we can’t drill our way out of it. When Republicans do it anyway, he takes credit for it, and continues to damn conservatives as destroying the earth.

Stonewalling – There are two purposes to stonewalling.  One is to deflect conversation away from the subject in order to avoid incriminating oneself, i.e. taking the 5th like Hillary and her crew.  The other is to deny someone posing a trick question with an answer designed to make you look foolish.

Beating the “trick question”

A litany of liberal’s false premises

Immigration – “Conservatives don’t believe in immigration.”  Liberals say conservatives don’t believe in immigration, but that we are a nation of immigrants.

We are a nation of citizens, some of whose ancestors immigrated to America.  America permits more people to immigrate to this nation every year than all other nations on the planet combined.  That immigration is legal which conservatives not only endorse, but designed.  When liberals say “immigration” they mean illegal immigration that they endorse.  The key word here is “illegal.”


Islam – “Islam is peace, and rejecting Islam is Islamaphobia.”  Liberals say conservatives violate the 1st Amendment rights of the Islamic religion because they have an irrational fear of a belief that is different from their own, which makes Christians the “haters.”

As proven on a daily basis in the Middle East, Islam is anything but peace.  And it is not an irrational fear when they’re really trying to kill you.  The teachings of Muhammed are quite clear, but to understand them you’ll have to read the Koran in English, and in chronological order.  The Koran is deliberately written so that the evolution of Muhammed from preacher of peace to Nazi dictator is ambiguous.  Islam is not a religion.  It is a political ideology that inflicts the ultimate socialism on the people through brainwashing and force.  Its law is Sharia which is completely opposite America’s Constitution and gives a theocratic government absolute power over the people.


Climate change – “If you don’t believe in climate change then you don’t believe in science.”  Liberals say that conservatives who don’t accept their scientific misconceptions as correct and true are flat-earthers who don’t believe in science.

Science is based on the examination of evidence.  It does not predict the future.  Nor does it accept theory as fact, but liberals do.  When liberals say “climate change,” it’s the same as when they say immigration.  They don’t actually mean climate change.  They mean man-made climate change from CO2 just as they don’t mean legal immigration, but illegal immigration.  Their phony premise that CO2 is the cause of climate change is in all their computer models that ignore the effect of the sun which is the actual cause of climate change.  If they actually knew how the climate changes then scientists could explain how multiple ice ages occurred over the last half-million years.

Racism – “If you don’t believe police are murdering blacks, or that we should build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, or that we shouldn’t bring Moslem refugees to America, then you’re a racist.”  Liberals say conservatives believe in oppressing “people of color” by keeping blacks oppressed, being xenophobic, Islamaphobic because they are racist.

Neither being Mexican or Islamic is a race.  Blacks who are shot by police are criminals.  The liberal premise that police are the KKK lynching innocent black people is the heinous lie that has brought about America’s new race war.  They have set race relations in America back 50 years.  The extremely rare times (perhaps one time in 1 million) that a white policeman is racist that murders an innocent black pales beside the thousands of times that blacks murder other blacks.



In summation

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  It is the ideology of the ignorant who fail to recognize deceptions or refuse to recognize the truth.  To be a lifelong liberal is to live in denial and perpetrate falsehoods as fact.  Conservatism is the good sense people develop as they learn to recognize the truth of how the world works, how liars operate, and how swindlers fool people.  Democrats and their propaganda artists in the media have gotten away with successfully fooling the “some of the people all of the time” for a century.  The control of America’s public school system to indoctrinate rather than educate is a cancer that must be rooted out if America is to be restored and thrive.


The Interrupter embarrasses America

The leftwingnut media propagandists are trying to say that Trump is jealous of Pence’s performance.  As usual these liberals take everything out of context to warp and corrupt the truth.  Trump had nothing but praise for Pence and taking well deserved credit for having the wisdom of choosing such an excellent running mate and proving he makes far superior choices to the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


WP Debate: Tim Kaine “You’re fired!”




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3 Responses to Trump needs to recognize trick questions and distractions

  1. Dot Potts says:

    But have you notice the moderators always try and steer the conversation away from the truth, so they do actually know what they’re doing see how many times Pence says the truth and the moderator interrupts immediately covering the democrat butt.

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  2. EIleen says:

    I am pretty sure that Donald Trump already knows about projection since he uses it in his rallies. What he hasn’t figured out is how to deliver a knockout blow to a woman without the public demeaning him like they did with Megyn Kelly. Never mind that she deserved it. The public does not understand that the FemNazis demand to be treated like a man, but when they are, they scream sexism, misogynists, etc. At this point in the race, no matter what Trump does he is wrong. He can fight back and then the press says “He hates women, blah, blah, blah). If he doesn’t fight back, then he’s weak, doesn’t have the temperament, etc. This is what playing the woman-card is all about: I want to be treated like a man, but oh boy, you better not deliver that knockout punch or I’m going to scream sexism! The problem is worse than you think because those demeaming him are MEN, not women.

    Women who back Trump already know about his philandering, his divorces, his beauty pageants or whatever. Nor are they jealous of Melania Trump, who by almost everyone’s definition of attractive, is a stunningly beautiful woman, FemNazi or not. Unfortunately, the feminization of men created this problem, because men are the public faces of the media and politics.

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