Liberals need to grow up before they destroy themselves


Liberals refuse to learn what those of us who have grown up have learned.

If all you know of pirates is what you learned from “Treasure Island,” that they wear eyepatches, have peg legs, and say aargh; and if all you know of Robin Hood you learned from “Bugs Bunny,” that he stole from the rich to give to the poor; and if all you know of Republicans you learned from “Little Orphan Annie,” that they are fabulously wealthy, greedy tycoons, and Democrats are all poor and destitute, then you need to grow up and learn a few things.

Historically, Democrats have never been the party of the “little guy,” the protectors of the poor.  They are the party of those who enslave the poor.  If you believe Democrats are trying to help you have a better life or to acquire wealth, you have been duped.  Welcome to the dysfunctional thinking of the young liberal mind and modern America where the poorly educated vote to follow those who have led them down the road to ruin.  Democrats do not free people and enhance their lives.  They lock them into poverty and dependency.

Democrats deteriorate cities and lock people into poverty

Penis Envy

The problem with liberals is Penis Envy.  Freud was wrong.  This is not a malady of women, but of men – immature men.  Women’s version is the size of their breasts, but no psychologist coined the term Breast Envy.  We see Penis Envy every day in people who do the most mundane things stupidly.  We see it on the road, the driver that inches ahead of you at a red light, the driver that speeds up when you’re passing him, and worst of all in those who pass you back, pull over in front of you, and slow down again.  Or if they’re going faster than you they’ll pull up to tailgate you, slide far to the left to shine their lights in your side view mirror, and try to force you to move over out of their way even if the lane next to you is open.  What’s more, they curse you for not obeying the law while they break the law by speeding!  These are liberal control freaks and they are the kind of people who grow up to become corrupt in everything they do, even as cops, and especially as politicians.  They believe that they are right in all things and that they must make you do as they do, not as they do, but as they want you to do.

This translates directly to liberalism were those who see others make more money than they do envy them. This is where a liberal greed and envy begin.  They see others who make more money than they do and think, “I work eight hours a day, so why should I make that kind of money?”  This is what leads to the increased minimum wage for doing mediocre jobs requiring no skill or education.  They do not consider that old men become wealthy through lifetime education, hard work, intelligence, and perseverance.  They think CEO positions are handed to them on a silver platter.

Here is adult reality: Robin Hood did not steal from the rich, but from the government that was taxing people to death because Prince John was just what the Democrats want to be – a dictator who took what he wanted from the people because everything belonged to the crown in his mind.  Pirates are not people who say aargh and are only found on 18th century sailing ships, they are crony capitalists who steal from the tax payers with the help of Democrats in government who give them subsidies, “stimulus,” and siphon taxpayer’s money to them as “quantitative easing.”

Republicans are not the greedy rich and Democrats the destitute poor.  Republicans are the ones who freed the slaves and work to elevate the Middle Class by freeing them from greedy Democrat taxes.  Republicans got rich by being industrious in business, services, and trade.  Democrats got rich by scamming people, extorting businessmen, and stealing from the little guy.  The only confusion in liberal minds has been because some Republicans ally with Democrats to get a piece of the pie.  These are Democrats who infiltrated the Republican ranks as Hydra infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. in “Captain America” for the purpose of corrupting them and bringing them down.  Some even got into the TEA Party movement to upset the people’s attempt to stop corruption in Washington that is personified by Obama and the Clintons.

Barack Hussein Obama the Pied Piper of Washington


Eight years ago, Democrats proved their complete lack of intelligence and morals in electing a man of no accomplishment, other than being so charming a deceiver that he convinced millions of people to give him the power of the highest office in the land, to be President of the United States and Leader of the Free World.  In those eight years with the likes of Hillary Clinton at his side, Barack Hussein O took the reins of power of the greatest country in the history of the world and has brought it down into severe decline.  Democrats then blame Republicans for the decline and say America is still great and their zombie lemmings cheer.

For decades the Democrat media has been telling blacks that they are oppressed because of Republicans, and that they are destitute because of Republican greed.  The day after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tells them the truth – that Democrats are the ones keeping them beaten down – the Democrat media tells them their lives are great under Democrats.  They tell that to people whose unemployment and dependence on government welfare has increased by 50% under Obama and expect the fools to continue to vote for them – and they are probably right.

Hillary Clinton corruption incarnate

Building-on-Success-600-LI-2Hillary's refugees

Hillary Clinton is part of the Washington Establishment that has sucked up the wealth of this nation to make Washington DC the richest region in the country under Democrats.  Make no mistake; they have allies in the Republican Party, like Boehner, who assisted.  But Democrats are the ones asking America once again to give them full and unlimited power over the country as they did with Barack Obama.  Obama gave us an economy choked by regulations and taxes, a shrunken military, shut down energy production, foreign invaders, unleashed criminals on our streets to riot, stolen American wealth to give to our foreign enemies, and empowered Sharia Moslem jihadis to strike out at the entire world.

The Clinton Foundation has been her foreign exchange bank for foreign donors to donate to her corrupt escapades.  Her illegal private email server was her conduit to illegal, treacherous activities.  Just because she wiped out the evidence does not make her innocent.  She corresponded with and took bribes and blood money from her rich Wall Street cronies and foreign potentates and dictators.  The Clintons have made their fortune by scamming money from the wealthy of the world.

Leftists condemn Donald Trump who, as a successful businessman, had to make some of those payoffs to the likes of Clinton.  Typical of liberals, they blame the victim of Democrat corruption as corrupt.  With liberals it’s always guilty until proven innocent when it comes to Republicans instead of innocent until proven guilty.  But when it’s their leftist leaders like Obama and Hillary it’s always innocent even when proven guilty!

Hillary Clinton pegged as Islam’s whore

Hillary’s Secret Economy – the rich didn’t get richer, Democrats did!

Vote Democrat, die off, and be replaced


Trump is the last solution to Washington corruption

Conservatives don’t like it, but Donald Trump is the last chance to overturn Democrat’s destruction of America and reverse course.  Liberals want to push forward to what conservative’s know will ultimately be bankruptcy, collapse, and revolution.  But it will be the Left that rises up in revolt to overthrow the government.  And rather than hang the Democrats for destroying the country, they will hang Republicans and tear up the Constitution to install Democrats as the lone party of socialist dictators thereby enslaving themselves forever.

Trump needs guidance in conservatism to which he already adheres in his personal policies and sees as the solution to the destruction Democrats have wrought.  Rather than trying to sabotage him and giving the victory to Hillary and Obama, they should be working to uplift him and keep him solidly on the side of right, on the side of Americanism.  America first is not just a slogan, but a necessity if this nation is going to survive the globalists that need to make America as lowly as the rest of the world over which they want to rule.

Trump’s Wall won’t stop America’s fall

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1 Response to Liberals need to grow up before they destroy themselves

  1. EIleen says:

    So true. Trump does need some guidance on conservatism. He has a Keynesian streak in him. That being said, I’d rather have someone who has Keynesian tendencies in infrastructure, but otherwise free market in other national endeavors than those who think I exist to slave away in an economy incapable of producing anything and take what little I do make in taxes. You hear SJW talking about everybody who has more than $1.00 in their bank account as being wealthy and therefore subject to confiscation.


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