Lib media using their tongues for Obama-Hillary as toilet paper

LA Floods

It’s disgusting to watch the liberal media licking Obama and Hillary like a pack of puppies trying to clean up their mess.  The media that cursed Bush for taking two days to go to Louisiana after Katrina, says nothing about Obama still playing golf after a week of biblical scale floods.  Instead they post stories about Lochte lying at the Olympics and avoid showing Trump being the grand president he would be.  Obama has no use for red state like Louisiana and, rather than go to comfort those suffering in this disaster, he talks about how we must stop using our air-conditioners to prevent climate change and shuts down more coal mines.

The Democrat media says nothing about Trump being supremely presidential or about Hillary being sickly.  They talk about Hillary’s continuing cover up of her email crimes now trying to blame them on Gen. Colin Powell.  But Powell came out to refute her claims that he told her to use a private server.  Hillary’s use of a private server as Secretary of State was a criminal violation of national security.  Wiping it (“with a cloth”) was a felony and sending classified information on the unsecured server to persons unknown is treasonous espionage.  Gen. Petraeus was discharged for his “pillow talk” with another officer, while Hillary walks free and runs for president.

Gen. Powell says Hillary using server long before talking to him

Powell rightfully used a separate email for his personal correspondence, not a private, unsecured server to transmit classified data or communicate with America’s enemies to make private deals as Hillary has done.  As Secretary of State and through the Clinton Foundation, Hillary has sold out America to foreign powers.  She then has the gall to condemn Republicans as selling out to corporate American businesses while pocketing millions from her Wall Street cronies.

Obama and Hillary have broken America

Obama and Hillary are intent on breaking immigration laws to bring in illegals and Shariaists to impose Democrat rule on America.  The liberal media is providing cover for the two of them beginning the Islamization of America by bringing Moslems into our country as “refugees” and Sharia into our courts as “compassionate understanding.”  The evils of Mohammad’s laws are being seen in every country of the world as Obama forces our allies to accept Islamist jihadis into their populations.

Rob O’Niel the Navy SEAL who shot bin Laden said about jihadi’s using their children as suicide bombers, “While we’re teaching our kids safe zones, trigger words, and micro aggressions they’re teaching their kids to kill our kids.”

While there is promise and Donald Trump for the chance to bring America back and lead us to a brighter future, Hillary promises to continue the Obama Doctrine.  She tries to sound like a conservative and promises jobs and prosperity, but the means by which she says she will do so is government taking more money from taxpayers to give to deadbeats.  Democrats are giving America away to our foreign enemies because they’re having more and more difficulty duping Americans.

Hillary’s illness is becoming more and more readily apparent.  Getting her elected may be Obama’s ticket to doing Ford; have her dismissed Kaine after the election and install him as her vice president so that when she leaves office he can assume his role of banana Republic dictator over America once again.  This is another legal way in which Obama could have his third term and complete the deconstruction of America and overthrow the Constitution.

The Obama Doctrine – save the Earth from America

Why do Democrats applaud Hillary instead of laughing at her?

Vote Democrat, die off, and be replaced

Sharia has no place in America

Jihadis want to impose Sharia on the world in accordance with the teachings of Muhammad and his instruction to wage Jihad to “make the world Islam.”  There is a reason that the translation of Islam is “submit,” and Obama’s attempts to dissociate Jihad from Islam are part of Muhammad’s taqiya – deception of infidels.  Those who come to America to change this nation rather than become American have no place in a free nation any more than Islam has a place in the civilized world.  Islamic apologists and the Democrat media strive to provide cover for this betrayal of American ideology and values.  This should not be tolerated by any American patriot but exposed and rejected at every turn.  Congress must be forced to make laws to uphold the Constitution and reject foreign laws that would overthrow American law – especially the oppressive Islamic laws of Sharia.

Moslem or RepublicanAmerican values

The Clinton Crime Family Foundation

Clinton continues to berate Trump to make his tax returns public after distributing her own custom designed return for this year.  She makes the empty gesture of saying she will dismiss herself and her husband from the Clinton Foundation board if she is elected president – as if that will negate all the favors she will refund to her foreign donors.  As president she will be in the position she and her foreign supporters want to continue to transform America in accordance with the Obama Doctrine of reducing her economy and military, importing more foreigners to override American voters, and deconstruct the Constitution to establish foreign laws like Sharia.  She will also be able to continue selling out Americans for tremendous personal profits.  They’re all with her.

Hillary in a nutshellBuilding-on-Success-600-LI-2

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Hillary's refugees

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1 Response to Lib media using their tongues for Obama-Hillary as toilet paper

  1. EIleen says:

    I think its worse. IMO, Clinton is being used by those who wish to run the country. Her assignment, so to speak, is to get elected. As bad as Clinton is, Tim Kaine is worse. They’ll get her to resign for health reasons, and install the next puppet, which may or may not be Kaine.


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