Vote Hillary to save America from BLM terrorists!

BLM terrorists

Hillary courts the police vote after sicking BLM terrorists on them.

Hillary is courting the police votes by promising to send Obama’s pitchforked peasants back to their hovels.  Oh, wait, it’s not peasants, it’s criminals and they’re not going to go away quietly.  Instead, they’re launching an all-out war against the police!

Democrats are finding that once they unleash the beasts that putting them back in their cages isn’t so easy.  After spending the last couple of years stirring up their people to hate police, hate white people, hate the rich, hate Republicans, Democrats are asking the people against whom they launched their terrorists to give them their votes!  If this isn’t a shakedown then what is?

At every incident in which police shot criminals or terrorists shot police, Obama came out and blamed the police as racists.  Now they are getting desperate to stop the Trump Train and finding out that their rabid dogs aren’t so easy to bring to heel.  Like letting the genie out of the bottle, once you spew sh*t out of your mouth it’s pretty tough to put it back in.

Obama called down the thunder, now pray the lightning strikes and Democrats burn.  Trump has entered campaign mode calming his liberal-style rhetoric just as Hillary is has begun her campaign of conservative-style rhetoric.  Pray Trump wins with a crushing Republican victory over the leftwing terrorists that Obama invited to destroy America.

Trump the “law and order” president

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2 Responses to Vote Hillary to save America from BLM terrorists!

  1. Eileen says:

    That is true. They let the genie out and as Angela Merkel is finding out, you can’t control the genie once its out of the bottle. It looks to me like both campaigns have the help of someone who understands messaging. Trump dramatically toned down his decibels, started using a telepromptor and has given his best speeches. The one last night was a mixed telepromptor, old Trump-style rally speech and I must say, he mastered the art of connecting with the audience using a telepromptor quite well. Meanwhile, Clinton’s campaign started using buzz words like “Dark” when referring to Trump’s speeches and has seen some uptick in her campaign numbers.

    Ultimately, though, unless Clinton can assuage the public that her email stuff is a mistake and that the Saudis or Putin will be banned from contributing to her Foundation, doubts will continue to linger; there is a fine line between harping on it so people remember and overdoing it and one must hope that Trump knows when to back off and when to ratchet it up again. The other lingering problem for the Clinton campaign is her health. There are a lot of armchair doctors out there, so it can be easy to dismiss; once a week or so, a doctor with name recognition, like Dr Drew, chimes in and offers an opinion that is based upon what we do know, what clinically is the right thing to do and offer a dx with a disclaimer saying that they did not examine her. If these expert doctors were split on their opinion, it would be easy to shout “Conspiracy Theory”; to this day, all agree that they thinks something is wrong and where they differ is on diagnosis – makes sense since you need the exam notes, test results, imaging studies, etc to even attempt an intelligent diagnosis. So I am less inclined to dismiss this and over time, less Americans will buy into the conspiracy theory argument. To his credit, Trump has toned it down as the election rumble gathered steam about Clinton’s health – so people will be less inclined to question his health.

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    • dustyk103 says:

      Trump is doing what conservatives wanted, so why aren’t more rallying to him instead of continuing to want to sabotage him? As for Hillary’s health, that could play right into my belief that Obama will step in as VP somehow, maybe after she is elected, and when she dies off or is forced to step down he will put America under his boot heel again.

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