Hillary Loves Cop Killers and Sharia Jihadi Terrorists

Hillary with Orlando terrorist's father

HILLARY LOVES COP KILLERS AND TERRORISTS!  Hillary Clinton invites BLM criminals and Sharia jihadis to her events.  Leftists acclaim Sharia coming to the Olympics!

Leftwing racist hatred reaches Olympic proportions as Hillary accuses Trump of inciting rebellion.  Implying that 2nd Amendment supporters would revolt if she gets elected to appoint Supreme Court justices to abolish the Bill of Rights, Hillary believes she was scoring points with voters, but it’s only the America haters who support her overthrow of the Constitution.  As proof of Hillary’s wicked intentions, she invited the parents of BLM and Islamic jihadi terrorists to her rallies who call for more violence against white people and Christians.  This isn’t just two-faced rhetoric, it’s the threat of violence against the American people to establish the Democrat hegemony of tyranny through Sharia.

First it was her invitation to the mothers of Black Lives Matter criminals killed by police to speak at the Democratic Convention – the same people who not only have been calling for the murders of police, but committing those murders!  Now Hillary invites the Sharia loving father of the Orlando terrorist who murdered fifty gays in a nightclub not far away to sit with her at a rally in Kissimmee.  This is not courage and love of those less fortunate, but cowardice and betrayal of America in the face of the enemies of freedom.

Giuliani crushes Clinton’s support of Sharia jihadi

Then came calls by the anti-Christian, racist Left for Michael Phelps, America’s and the world’s greatest Olympic athlete, to yield the American flag to a black Moslem woman because “he’s too white,” and represents “white privilege.”  They say she would “make history” by her only accomplishment which is wearing her hijab, Sharia garb, while competing.  (That she was the runner-up for this honor chosen by the Olympic team says how corrupted our culture has become.)  These acts are more than just the cowardice of the Left being willing to submit to Islam and bow to Allah.  They are a betrayal of our Constitution, of God, and of America and all her have fought for liberty!

CNN host wants Phelps to yield America flag to Moslem

If you want white people killed by blacks then vote Democrat!  If you want cops killed by criminals then vote Democrat!  If you want Sharia imposed on the nation by Islamists then vote Democrat!  If you want foreigners to take power over America then vote Democrat!

Democrats have the insolence to call themselves patriots!  The leftwingnut media has the impudence to claim they are unbiased and represent America.  There is nothing American about the Democrat Party and their people who admire the likes of Muhammad, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, the most evil people in history, as models of how to rule over the people.

This is why the TEA Party Patriots are their enemies.  Democrats and their RINO allies honor the most vile, heinous people on earth – those who would destroy America for being the land of the free and make her citizens their subjects.  This is why the Left resents American heroes, especially the Superheroes of American literature, and want to replace Superman who stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, with Shariaman who will slaughter infidels and force all to submit to Allah.  If it weren’t so deadly dangerous it would be a hysterical joke that people come to the land of the free to impose slavery.

Moslem Olympian “doesn’t feel safe in U.S.”

Michael Phelps carries the flag

The world’s greatest Olympian was “humbled and honored” to carry the American flag.  Leftists wanted him to give the flag to a black Moslem woman who achieved nothing in the Olympics to represent minorities and Sharia over Michael’s “white privilege elitism.”

Hijab woman loses immediately

Michael Phelps 21 gold medals and counting

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2 Responses to Hillary Loves Cop Killers and Sharia Jihadi Terrorists

  1. EIleen says:

    The neocons hate Trump because he purged the Republican Party (to the best of his ability) of the neocons. If this is all there was to purging the Democratic Party, I would have hopes for their survival, as a Democratic version of Trump would soon surface. But given that a Board Certified Neurologist came out and publicly stated that he thinks Clinton has a glioblastoma and called for Cornell to release her medical records, I’m wondering if Clinton is just a shell and that some other force that allied itself with the neocons have taken over the Democratic Party and that her purpose is to play the gender card and get elected. Glioblastomas are aggressive brain cancers most frequently seen in young people although they have been surfacing lately in older people who use their cell phones a lot. It has a poor prognosis, even in young people.

    I have a hard time believing the DNC thinks she is healthy. The same board-certified neurologist asserted that the medical record she did post was real but the doctor who signed it was either unaware of Clintons condition (Clinton didn’t authorize the transfer of her records – HIPAA requirement) or is incompetent. If what I think is true, then the Muslims are being used just like the liberals. It is interesting to note that one of the people authorized to speak for BLM came out and blasted the Democrats for pandering to black people “just for their votes” and further stated that they have done nothing to help African Americans.


    • dustyk103 says:

      First off, there’s no such thing as neocons (conservatives who love war). That is antithetical. Second, Trump didn’t drive out conservatives, he drove out the establishment elites. That some conservatives went with Cruz I have written about. I’m 100% a Cruz guy, but I also recognize that we need strength and audacity in dealing with the leftwing media and Trump has that in spades. I have no hopes for the Democrat Party except to purge them from America. Their history in this country has been nothing but government power and propaganda. Dinesh D’Souza’s movie does a superb job of detailing their history. As for Hillary, I don’t really care if she drops, but I believe if she does then Obama will step in her place.


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