Giuliani says ‘Democrats deteriorate cities and lock people into poverty’


Detroit has been under complete Democrat control for the last fifty years.  What was once the richest city in America is now in ruins because Democrats sucked the wealth out of the wealthy.  Shanghai, China went from being a pitiful socialist city to one of the richest cities in the world  thanks to Chinese embrace of capitalism and trade.

“This is what Democrats do.  They deteriorate cities and they lock people into poverty.  They make them dependent and take away the ladder of success which is education and jobs.  That’s how all of our parents and grandparents did it.” [i.e. rose out of poverty] – Rudy Giuliani

This sums up the Democrat Party policies of the last century.  Americans have prospered and risen out of poverty thanks to capitalism.  The Middle Class came into being because of capitalism.  Upon seizing power at the beginning of the 20th century, Democrats found they could prosper from that drive by stealing from those who make the most money.  They call this socialism, the redistribution of wealth by the government from those who have more to those who have less – those being the politicians and their unsuccessful friends.

WWII and the Cold War were fought to stop socialism which destroyed more wealth – and people – than any other ideology in history except Islam.  More than a hundred million people were murdered by those nations that followed the ideology of socialism in the 20th century.  Democrats are now attempting to rewrite the history of capitalism and socialism and teach American children that the opposite what is true.

Democrats are attempting to undo all that has been accomplished by Americans under the Constitution by taking away the protections of this “antiquated, obsolete” document and make a new set of laws.  They say they want laws that “require” the government to take care of the people.  That is precisely what Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all said about their governments.

“Ideals are peaceful.  History is violent.” – Sgt. Don “Wardaddy” Collier, Fury

Faith in God Kills

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