Trump’s genius raining on Hillary’s parade


Trump steps on Hillary’s big moment and the Left tries to turn his joke about Hillary’s email breach and make Trump the security risk.

Donald Trump stole Democrat’s thunder and rained on their parade by having a press conference and the primary subject became about Hillary’s email scandal.  The Dems and their RINO allies are apoplectic over Trump asking Russia to find her illegally deleted emails.  They are screaming how it is now he who is the one violating national security.  If Hill’s emails were all personal and not classified what are they upset about?

The fact is that even if these emails proved that Clinton and Obama have been colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood at America’s expense the liberal media would still curse Trump and vote for her.  The two-faced leftwing media has been giving Hillary a pass for her criminal violations of National Security from the start.  The liberal media’s ability to embrace lies like Bill’s fairy tale love story, ignoring the truth like his constant cheating on his wife and her destroying all the women he sexually molested, is why the American Left is dysfunctional psychotics.

Democrats didn’t let Michael Brown’s mother speak to perpetuate the “Hands up don’t shoot lie” at the convention.  At the same time Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby dropped all charges against remaining police charged with murdering Freddie Gray vacating Democrats latest scheme to punish police for non-existent racism.  Of course, that didn’t stop her from blaming Republicans for a crime that no one committed.

Obama & Co. took aim at Trump during the convention which has been more a smearfest than an exhibition of Democrat policies that they keep hidden.

Kaine: “He never tells you how he’s going to do any of the things he says he’s gonna do.  He just says, ‘Believe me,’” – repeating mockingly, “believe me, believe me, believe me.’”

Biden: “He’s trying to tell us he cares about the Middle Class.  Give me a break!  That’s a bunch of malarkey.”  “He has no clue about what makes America great.  Actually he has no clue period.”

Obama: “Our power doesn’t come from some self-declared Savior.”  “We don’t look to be ruled.”  “There is nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.”

It is comical to listen to Democrats say Trump doesn’t have a clue how to accomplish anything and their vacuous followers cheer.  It is downright hysterical when Obama – the Democrat Messiah – says Americans don’t want a “self-declared Savior.”  If nothing else, this entire circus will prove beyond doubt that Democrats beliefs are so dysfunctional that their faith in Hillary will not see the glass ceiling as she breaks through, but fall and slice them to ribbons with the shards of their million lies.

Trump hijacks Democrat Convention

Hillary scandals

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2 Responses to Trump’s genius raining on Hillary’s parade

  1. Kiowah says:

    “If nothing else, this entire circus will prove beyond doubt that Democrats beliefs are so dysfunctional that their faith in Hillary will not see the glass ceiling as she breaks through, but fall and slice them to ribbons with the shards of their million lies.”

    Love the visual of that!

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  2. EIleen says:

    I read a blog last night where the blog’s author, who in his previous life may have been a statistician for a polling organization, where he predicted that the Democrats just stepped into a trap that Trump set with that statement. Supposedly during Bill Clinton’s administration, an intelligence agreement between the Russians and the U.S agreed to share intelligence information, so under the agreement, if the Russians have Clinton’s emails, as the Democrats allege, they are obligated to turn it over. Although the US agencies may not publish that info, there is nothing to prevent the Russians from turning it over to Wikileaks.

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