I had a dream but it became a nightmare – 50th anniversary of MLK’s Dream speech

On the 50th anniversary of the day Martin Luther King, Jr. prayed for the oppression of blacks to end, his vision of a nation in which blacks and whites work side by side is in crisis.  During his lifetime, out of wedlock births had doubled from 12% to 25%.  Since his death they have tripled yet again to 75%.  Welcome to the Democrat century.

When King gave his speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, he spoke of the equality of all men.  Fifty years later more black men own businesses, more black men have college degrees, and more black men rise to high positions in government, even unto the highest heights of the White House.  Southern Democrats who suppressed descendants of slaves were cast out of office and replaced by Republicans, the party of Lincoln.

But in the last century blacks have turned away from the party that freed them, that passed civil rights laws in the 60s.  In the last fifty years they have utterly embraced the party of Dredd Scott.  With promises of free money, free food, free homes, and now free cell phones, Democrats have taken blacks back and made them into voter slaves.

Now, with the advent of ObamaCare, Democrats have further enslaved the taxpayer to pay for their plantation and provide benefits for the masses without requiring them to work.  Jackson and Sharpton, the men who stood on either side of King the day he was shot, led them down this path.  They say whites must understand black rage.

Black families have fallen apart and black culture has sunk into corruption.  More blacks live on welfare, are addicted to drugs, and commit crimes than any other demographic group by a factor of ten.  It is not because there is no opportunity.  Not because they are still oppressed.

They do so because they look to the Democrats in government to solve the problems in their culture, believe the lie to fault Republicans as racists, and blame everything and everyone but themselves.  They are encouraged to be entertainers and athletes.  Then when they drop out of school and fail in society, they are told that white men are still oppressing them, that Republicans, the conservatives who freed them, are racists.

The truth is that in the party of Lincoln blacks work side by side with whites in Christian harmony.  They are called Uncle Tom, sell outs by their own race.  For those who read the book, Uncle Tom was a righteous man.  Few know or will believe that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican, despite what his family says.

What hope is there that blacks are going to learn history when even white kids today are not taught their American heritage and believe that socialism is good?  How will they learn righteousness and a work ethic when even white kids now look to government to be their provider rather than strive to make their own future?  What hope is there when they follow the party that believes in serving the state before serving God?  What hope for King’s dream?

Walking off the Democrat Plantation

Star Parker lights the way

Senator Elbert Guillory (D now R – La.) takes the walk

Ending the Democrat Century

I have a dream – MLK

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