Stupid liberal questions, traps, and censorship

ISIS mass beheadings

In a supreme example of the savage barbarity of the Jihad, ISIS beheads 21 Coptic Christians in Libya as a demonstration of their power and the impotence of America to stop the re-establishment of the Mohammadan Caliphate.

Truth is found on the blogosphere, not in liberal media where there are, in fact, stupid questions designed to create stupid answers.  Liberal Democrats want the Internet shut down from free speech for only one reason – so that their narrative is the only one people hear and learn.  They want the government to be the only authority to license media outlets that will be permitted to speak and inform people of what is happening and what to think about it.

According to them, individuals should not be permitted to do so because they only present propaganda.  They say this as if the government media doesn’t, like MSNBC that selectively edited police tapes of George Zimmerman to make it sound like he was only following Trayvon Martin only because he looked black.  The Democrat media had a monopoly on news, information, and opinion for decades, and now that monopoly is broken and people are hearing the other side of the story.  Suddenly, people are asked to decide which is true and which is false requiring them to actually learn what is happening rather than being spoon fed the government line.

Reporters in the liberal media deliberately skew the news to form opinions in people’s minds of events, rather than inform people of events in an objective and impartial manner.  This is what journalism news is supposed to be but is not, while those who post in the blogosphere tell the truth are in conflict with those who present lies.  Liberals have been promoting propaganda as news since the Reagan era in their efforts to turn public opinion against Republicans, and to promote Democrats whom they had already paid off for their right to operate without interference from competition.  But under Reagan the so-called Fairness Doctrine that restricted any information Democrats did not want released to the public was abolished and suddenly the Silent Moral Majority was silent no more!

The Internet is the Information Superhighway where the truth can be found.  It requires that people do more than sit with their mouths open waiting to be spoon fed the truth because they will not get it.  On the Internet they will hear BOTH sides of every story and it will require some actual investigation on their part to get to the heart of the story.

Their actual moral judgment will also be required to determine which side presents a validity story and poses the truth.  This is where liberals fail.  They lack the education and understanding of what makes a story false and what consists of propaganda.  Most don’t even know what the term propaganda means.

Here is a set of propaganda pieces that liberals believe, questions by which liberals will warp the answer, and frauds they have advocated.

These three claims by liberal Democrats are all easily proven to be lies, and prove that liberals are easily duped.

  • Ted Cruz shut down the government
    1. No senator has the power to shut down the government. The shutdowns in 1993 and 2013 were both done by the president as Commander-in-Chief.
  • Republicans want to deny women birth control
    1. No Republican ever said any such thing. This scam was created by George Stephanopoulos during the Republican primary debates.
  • Global warming is the greatest threat to the world, not Islamo-nazis
    1. According to Obama and the Democrats, the resurgence of Jihad in the 21st century struggling to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate, beheading, raping, and immigrating their way into western culture, is a lesser threat than CO2 emissions that have killed no one. They claim a heavier than air gas is forming a greenhouse bubble above the stratosphere that they say will cook the planet.

Liberals pose questions to which either yes or no is the wrong answer

  • Do you have any black friends?
    1. If you say no, then you are a racist
    2. If you say yes, then he is the ‘token Oreo’
  • If you are for ending poverty will you support Obama’s initiative to help the poor by raising minimum wage? (The fact that raising the minimum wage has always resulted in lower employment for the poor means nothing to them.)
    1. If you say no, then you hate the poor and want them to die
    2. If you say yes, then you don’t care about the poor enough
  • Which do you believe is the greatest threat to nation security; Global warming that hasn’t killed a soul, or Jihadis who are rebuilding the Islamo-nazi Caliphate?
    1. If you don’t say Global warming, then you don’t believe in science
    2. If you say Jihadis, then you are a racist bigot Islamo-phobe who hates Moslems

The tricks of the trade of propagandists have been known for a century, practiced widely by totalitarian governments and more surreptitiously by democratic governments.  Obama claiming that the Internet is rife with propaganda is true, but the Internet also widely provides the truth.  That 20% of the population easily falls prey to the propaganda of the Left, that they say the Right is filled with lies, when they are easily swayed by facts that support their point of view is decisive.

Rather than utilizing critical thinking and sound moral judgment in examining those facts is what has resulted in Democrats being elected to establish, they elevated a man of no ability or achievement to lead the nation based solely on his ability to talk pretty.  America’s youth have been taught that the evils of the 21st century and throughout history are righteous and it is the fault of the children of the Greatest Generation who have turned from the faith of their fathers to adopt the corruption of the anti-American Left.  America is reliving the 1930s when Democrats led America into a sour economy, blamed Republicans, and allowed Americans enemies overseas to act with impunity until they were able to threaten the freedom of the world.  This is small wonder when Democrats, who believe that rights come from government permission rather than from God, work to abolish the United States Constitution and establish their own authoritarian dictatorship.

In Texas we have a saying,

“Don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining.”

Democrat leader Cuomo says rights come from government, not God!

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Author’s Note: The best part about writing a blog and not being a paid journalist is that I don’t have to pretend to write objectively, and then try to figure out how to inject my opinion to sway people’s opinion without their realizing it.  Blog writers are honest and speak their opinion of events with which readers will agree or disagree, as opposed to liberal media that has proven itself to be an excellent medium of propaganda to form public opinion rather than emulate it.  Actual journalism ceased to exist in the 80s when Reagan was president and every liberal newscaster did their best to cast him in a bad light and doubt into people’s minds about his actions.

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