ISIS hasn’t killed enough Moslems

ISIS boy murderer

Democrats and Jihadis condemn Israeli bombs killing children who were placed as human shields around rocket launchers.  Yet they have been silent about ISIS beheading men, raping women, and crucifying children in Iraq and Syria.  Although Moslems complain that Jihadis kill more Moslems than Christian, they have expressed their support for Jihad by 4:1.  Christians wonder what it will take for them to turn from the teachings of Mohammad and training their children to be murderers?

Islam has never been a religion of peace.  It is as honest to say Islam is a religion of peace as it is to say global warming is settled science.  “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure,” is a truism axiomatic of understanding that people lie because they have ulterior motives.  Knowing what Mohammad did and taught in his life is as important as knowing the fundamentals of science, like the fact that CO2 is a heavier than air gas that could not possibly form a greenhouse bubble in the upper atmosphere.

Mohammad never promoted Islam as a religion of peace.  Many believe Mohammad was a prophet of peace like Jesus, but the only peace he said there should be was between fellow Muslims who obeyed his commands.  The laws for Islam came, not from Jesus, but from Leviticus where the most vicious Hebrew laws in the Bible exist.  These are the laws that Jesus cast down, but Mohammad raised up.

Those Moslems who want to live peaceful, prosperous lives do so against the commandments of Mohammad who demanded that all wage Jihad against the infidel.  ISIS killing fellow Moslems is completely justified for their refusal to participate in the Jihad.  The question is; how many Moslems have to die before they will admit that Islam is evil, that Mohammad was evil, and that they have been enslaved by evil when they yearn for the freedom of salvation in Christ?

Moslems who deny this are conducting the Jihad as Mohammad did in its first phase to deceive others of their true intentions.  Those poor fools who believe in this and espouse the peace of Islam have been thoroughly duped and brainwashed to believe in a lie.  Former Moslems who turned to Christianity to realize the truth Prince of Peace that God is Love and that vengeance belongs to him speak out against the religion of their fathers.

A former Moslem’s response to Obama’s speech

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3 Responses to ISIS hasn’t killed enough Moslems

  1. David Kramnic says:

    I would like to make an important distinction. Islamic law did not come from Leviticus, although it appears that some of sharia law was copied from it. God gave it to Israel, not Mohamad. Also, Jesus did not put Levitican law down, nor the 10 commandments. He came to ‘fullfil’ the law, not to abolish it.


  2. David Kramnic says:

    (In addition to my last post) Jesus addressed Levitican law In Matthew chapter 5, and the spirit of viciousness of it when an adulteress was about to be stoned to death right in front of Him, putting it into the proper context. I agree with the rest of what you say here. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. And though Christians are not always peaceful themselves, this is by no means a reflection of what Jesus taught.


  3. steve says:

    No they certainly haven’t killed enough of them, unless they have killed all of them.


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