The savages are loose in Ferguson

MLK quote on hate for hate

“Riots are self-defeating and socially destructive.” – MLK

Nothing says justice like destroying the innocent.  As Darren Wilson was no billed for shooting Michael Brown, the Democrat media banged the drums in Ferguson to launch every thug, looter, anarchist, and vile idiot to cut loose on the hapless town.  Brown’s family screamed for vengeance and destruction while Barack Obama instructed police to “show restraint.”  Not surprisingly, this tenet of attacking the innocent as revenge when one of their own, no matter how criminal, is taught by atheists, Islamists (who are trying to recruit rioters), and Africans in America.

Brown’s stepfather incites the rioters, “Burn this bitch down!”

Racist blacks around the country held protests and some rioted declaring that the Grand Jury was not fair because it was composed of nine whites and three blacks.  Their votes are keep confidential, but racists say the white people supported the white cop accused of unlawfully shooting a young, unarmed black man.  The facts of the case have been severely distorted by witnesses who lied to reporters who then misinformed the public.

The Grand Jury heard from all witnesses, as well forensic evidence, and decided that those who claimed Brown was shot in the back while surrendering were making false accusations based on the autopsy that proves Brown was shot from the front.  Some witnesses who were honest blacks corroborated Officer Wilson’s testimony that Brown was a hulking giant who was charging the officer after being told to stop.  Wilson’s face was heavily bruised from the beating Brown gave him as he sat in his patrol car.

Obama and his AG Holder say they will continue to seek to prosecute Wilson.  The National Guard, called up a week in advance by Missouri’s Democrat governor, were nowhere to been seen as the savages were loosed upon the people of Ferguson.  Dozens of buildings were burned to the ground, hundreds of shots were fired by Black Panthers trying to lure police into ambushes, and millions of dollars in property damage from burned cars to smashed windows and looted businesses were inflicted on the people of Ferguson.

Obama’s angry condemnation of Ferguson police, rather than demanding peace be maintained and threatening prosecution, doubtless helped fuel the fires.  Black leaders for years have been damning police shooting blacks as well as their presence in high crime areas.  Former NY Mayor Giuliani was condemned as a racist for pointing out police only have a heavy presence in black areas because blacks commit ten times more violent crimes than any other demographic group.

Allowing these people to rampage through cities is not making America a better place.  It is not giving these people righteous voices to air their grievances, nor is it teaching them justice.  Letting them behave as savages is doing nothing more than the Democrats costing the nation millions of dollars and trying to intimidate taxpayers.  Who thinks letting blacks, or any other group, rule the areas in which their majority lives would make them better human beings, let alone better Americans?

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There are four kinds of people depending on their education and morality – cultured or barbarian, civilized or savage.

The difference between the Left and Right is their use of force.  The leftist believes might makes right.  The righteous believe in might for right.

The difference between vengeance and justice is not a fine line, but a vast gulf between the beliefs of Left and Right.

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