Ferguson Grand Jury pokes Holder in the eye, Obama spews his bile


Criminals rampage when the Ferguson Grand Jury no bills Officer Wilson for killing a giant teenage thug in self defense.  Obama offered an angry, worthless comment calling for police “restraint” in the face of the riots.

Despite Holder’s best efforts, Officer Darren Wilson, who shot the unarmed not so “gentle giant” Michael Brown dead as he attacked the officer, was no billed by the Ferguson Grand Jury.  Criminals who have been periodically rioting and looting in Ferguson since this incident wasted no time in taking to the streets to set the city on fire.  Black Panthers, despite some being arrested making pipe bombs and arming themselves with AK-47s, were present to add to the mayhem, reporters recording dozens of shots fired in the early evening.

Mr. Obama, with anger glaring from his eyes, said that this was not a Ferguson issue, but an American issue, and treated the police and the criminals to the same moral equivalency as he treated Israel and Hamas demanding the police “show restraint.”  Black agitators demanded that the process should have gone to trial for all evidence to be presented, despite all evidence being presented to the Grand Jury.  The jury examined whether evidence warranted an indictment for everything from pre-meditated murder down to involuntary manslaughter and found no sufficient reason to charge Wilson.

That America’s trial system is based on being assumed innocent until proven guilty, and not guilty until proven innocent, fails to meet with the approval of these agitators is not “America’s issue.”  That police must “show restraint” when dealing with violent criminals is also not an American issue.  What is America’s issue is that the vast majority of black Americans vote Democrat and are angry at the lack of advancement they have made in society over the last fifty years.  The solution is easy and obvious – stop voting Democrat!

What have Democrats done for black America over the last century?  They have made them the lowly underclass of society dependent on government.  Now, when many are beginning to have their eyes opened to this fact, Obama announces he is making illegal aliens legal to form the nucleus of a new permanent underclass of foreign Hispanics to be dependent on and vote for Democrats, and blacks are mad about that.

Justice was done for Michael Brown.  Now justice needs to be done for Darren Wilson via an apology and restitution from Obama and Holder for destroying his career.  Also Ferguson deserves justice by crushing these vandals, pillagers, and looters.  The city of Ferguson is the victim of black agitators calling for criminal justice as these felons commit hundreds of crimes destroying the property of innocent, enterprising blacks.  This great American tragedy is not without its comic ironies.

Despite all their preparation by Missouri Governor Nixon, Democrat, declaring a state of emergency calling out the National Guard a week ago, they did not show up.  His overlord Obama probably told him to “show restraint” and let the thugs posing as “protesters” have their rampage.  This great American tragedy is not without its comic ironies.

Justice for Michael Brown – the facts in black and white

Militarizing the police as part of the Democrat agenda

Hallelujah!  Black America is listening, learning, and speaking the truth

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2 Responses to Ferguson Grand Jury pokes Holder in the eye, Obama spews his bile

    • dustyk103 says:

      Absolutely! Blacks leading the charge all talk about how their race is being kept down by white Republicans, yet here is the clearest example of how blacks are being kept down. It’s not by whites, not by Republicans, it’s by their fellow blacks and the Democrats who incite them.


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