Is Obama planning a coup using amnesty with Boehner’s help?

As a radical Leftist, narcissist, and megalomaniac, Barack Obama has all the qualities of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao that enabled them to grab absolute power in their countries during the 20th century.  Obama sees himself as a potential Caesar, while he has in fact been a Nero.  In the 20th century, over two hundred million people died as a result of the wars and pogroms socialist dictators inflicted on their nations and the world to destroy all opposition and establish themselves firmly in power.  Each chose a scapegoat; Hitler had the Jews, Stalin had the Ukrainians, Mao had westernized teachers, and Obama would have the TEA Party.

Reports keep coming from Washington that the GOP’s moderate leader, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), is working behind closed doors to establish a plan by which he can assist Obama in granting amnesty to twelve million illegal immigrants (or as Rush Limbaugh refers to them – unregistered Democrats).  Such an influx of Democrat voters would easily turn the tide on rising anti-Obama sentiment in the population to the point that even Texas would swing into the Democrat column.  This would open the door for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment, allowing Obama to run for president perpetually and be elected for life like all other socialist dictators.

As a coup overthrowing the Constitution to establish Obama as king, emperor, or supreme president would undoubtedly result in armed insurrection.  It is in their best interests to have the people disarmed first, but this may not be possible.  Democrats have been keen to get guns out of citizen’s hands.  For the last fifty years government has promoted weak criminal laws resulting in a huge increase in crime for which Democrats contend the best solution is to disarm the people.

Over the last five years, Obama has been working to eliminate Christians and patriots from the military.  Likewise, Democrats have allowed crime to run rampant the last fifty years so they can build massive law enforcement military forces.  While the United States military, consisting of the armed forces, law enforcement, and fire/rescue services, has always been a force for good in the world.

It wouldn’t take much to turn them to evil once Christians and patriots were driven from their ranks.  As dictator, Obama would have the force necessary to enforce the one thousand executive orders he has created allowing him to seize food, cut off power, and starve out any region of the country not supporting him just as Stalin did.  The real question would be, would you support Obama’s efforts to seize and retain ultimate power or would you fight against it?

Survey: Would you fight for Obama or fight for the Constitution?

Democrats stop effort to restore military pensions favoring tax benefits for illegal aliens instead

Report Beohner promises big money donors he will sneak amnesty through after GOP primary candidate filing deadlines

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America does not need a king, America needs a president

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke


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