Obama extends gun running from Mexican drug dealers to Moslem terrorists

Continuing to flout the laws of the United States, President Obama has signed an order to sell U.S. military hardware to Moslem terrorist groups in Syria fighting the government.  Secretary of State Kerry says they will only be sold to “moderate” groups, but Sen. McCain (R-Ariz.) found no one can tell the difference when he had a meeting with anti-American terrorists and had his picture taken with them.  Having been denied the authority to assist the rebels by bombing Assad, Obama is breaking the law to give them weapons despite their being America’s enemies.

Obama waives American law to give weapons to Moslem terrorists

Glenn Beck is one of the few voices saying this is a betrayal of his oath of office to serve and protect the American people.  Like Operation Fast & Furious in which he directed his attorney general to sell guns to Mexican drug lords, this is another direct violation of the law.  In the 1980s, liberal Democrats attempted to criminalize the Reagan doctrine in the Iran-Contra affair in which he sold weapons to Iran to fight Iraq and used the money to fund the Contras fighting the Nicaraguan communist government.

Iran was an ally until Carter allowed the Ayatollahs to take control so their military was all U.S. hardware.  Since they were losing the war against Saddam (who had attacked an American ship in the gulf), Reagan kept them on their feet enabling our enemies to fight our enemies while funding freedom fighters to fight our enemies.  The Contras eventually lost favor when their leaders became extremists killing citizens instead of fighting the government.

While Democrats were unable to bring any charges against Reagan because all of his actions benefited America, Obama’s actions have all been harming America and benefiting our enemies.  Mexican drug lords control much of the border and have killed thousands of Mexicans with American guns.  And while the U.S. has been at war with Moslem terrorists, Obama has been aiding them in overthrowing their governments throughout the Middle East.

Obama’s history of giving weapons to and aiding America’s enemies

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