October surprise – typical Democrat’s conservative promises from liberal mouths

Alison Grimes

Democrats are running away from Obama thinking they can fool the people that they are not a part of the failures of their own policies.  Candidates make promises they not only don’t intend to keep, but fully intend on betraying those who are foolish enough to vote for them again.  Obama himself has been pretending to fight against his own policies calling them “Washington policies.”  All the while, Democrats fully support the progressive socialism being inflicted on Americans that is destroying the nation.

Is it really a surprise that Democrats are now all talking like TEA Party conservatives making promises they not only have no intention of keeping, but have already promised their base that they will make and break once they are elected?  Alison Grimes, who is running for Kentucky Senator, is a prime example who stepped in it while out in public.  She is the poster girl for lying liberal Democrats, she is by no means the only deceiver trying to sell themselves as working for the benefit of the people while planning to betray them for the benefit of the party.

Obama promises Democrats are lying about not supporting his destructive policies

Alison Grimes campaign commercial promising to fight for guns and coal

Alison Grimes at liberal donor dinner promising to f*** the coal industry

Alison Grimes trying to duck and cover-up her support of Obama

Obama’s plan to destroy coal in his own words

Democrats and Independents like Greg Orman, who has jumped into the lead in Kansas with the withdrawal of the Democrat candidate, are all geared toward cementing the Obama agenda onto America.  Socialism has cost Americans more millionaires and more middle class jobs just as foretold, reducing both while doubling the number of people on welfare and collecting food stamps.  Democrat’s socialist agenda has not moved America forward, but has moved the country backward to where there are fewer people working today than were working in the Carter recession of the late seventies.

Independents support the Democrats so the Left is more than happy to support them.  While the GOP moderates are more than happy to torpedo the TEA Party conservative candidates with the help of Democrats like they did in Mississippi to keep their moderate buddy on the ticket because moderates are just liberals-lite.  Until Americans grow a brain and conservative candidates grow a pair, the government will be the only ones getting rich while the people work harder for less.

Liberals and moderates have done more to make Washington, D.C. and their buddies on Wall Street fabulously wealthy at the expense of the people, and most of the people are oblivious of having their wealth stolen from them.  Obama and the Democrats have done more to strip away the people’s wealth, giving a trillion borrowed tax dollars a year to their Wall Street friends, while putting America’s children into debt slavery for the next two generations.  Voter’s blindness to the actions of those they elected to power on the charisma of their voices is costing them their future, and conservatives wonder how they can be fooled so easily and so consistently.

Silent Republicans allow Democrats to stripe them at will

Obama declares the Lord’s Truth that the economy is great

Poisoning hearts and minds – how the Left has corrupted America’s youth

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