Any objection to any insane Democrat policy on the ballot is racist

Democrat clowns - Lisa Benson

After twenty-five years of Republican leaders making America stronger economically, militarily, and politically, eight years of Democrats in charge of Congress and the presidency have erased all the gains.

Is there a single policy of the Democrat Party that is not a complete and utter disaster?  Every Democrat policy that Obama says is on the ballot to make the country better is actually what is making the country worse and, ultimately, causing America to decline.  But people keep voting for Democrats expecting them to make it all better, even though candidates say they don’t support them during election time, yet Obama confirms that after the election they’ll be right there by his side.

They do this because any objection to Democrat policies is racist – at least they are according to the vile, deceitful leaders of this colossal political fraud.  Liberal logic is an oxymoron as demonstrated by their adherence to erroneous beliefs.  Here are the top ten Obama policies that are tearing apart the fabric of America:

Guns – Democrats solution to gun crimes is to take guns away from law abiding citizens and putting up signs that say “gun free zone.”  All this accomplishes is making citizens helpless in the face of criminals and corrupt politicians.  Blaming guns for murders is like blaming forks for obesity.

Illegal aliens – Tens of thousands of Central American children have been herded into the USA and then scattered around the country.  They bring with them diseases like Enterovirus that is a crippling disease against which American children have not been vaccinated.  Then the Obama regime wants to bring their parents here with benefits from taxpayers to take jobs from citizens.

Global warming – Burning fossil fuels releases CO2 into the atmosphere creating a greenhouse gas bubble around the planet.  That is the claim of a “consensus of ‘scientists’” who are being paid by the Obama regime.  Al Gore claimed in his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” that the polar ice cap would be gone by now.  That, and the fact that CO2 is a heavier than air gas, escapes his fan’s notice.

Islamists – President Bush warned of the danger of pulling all U.S. troops out of Iraq allowing Islamic terrorists to build up and gain power.  Now that there is an army of Jihadis looting, raping, pillaging, and murdering their way across Iraq, Obama’s response is, ‘let the Arabs deal with it.’  Meanwhile, U.S. citizens who are Moslem go over to join the Jihad and then come back to America to carry on the work amongst us.  The “FBI is watching them” line is not comforting.

Socialism over capitalism – Stealing from the rich has led to a nation of greater poverty than at any time since the disastrous Carter administration.  Not only are businesses being crushed, but vital energy is being stifled by the Obama regime.  American manufacturing has fled to avoid debilitating taxation, but the Democrats continue to fund failing companies, give away taxpayer benefits to those who do not pay taxes, and make themselves the richest people in America.

Ebola – The deadliest virus known to man is not being quarantined in West Africa, but being invited to America by Democrats who say it’s not right to isolate an African state formed by descendants of former American slaves.  This insanity has led to the virus being spread to two nurses in America and an unknown number of people exposed to the disease.  Panic is spreading over those exposed to Ebola not being quarantined, but travelling in commercial planes and on cruises.

Deficit spending – The Fed continues to be Obama’s free credit card handing almost a trillion dollars a year over to Wall Street in borrowed taxpayer dollars.  While the upper and middle classes shrink, the lower class grows by leaps and bounds as jobs remain scarce.  Welfare, food stamps, phony disability, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are all stretched to the limits as Obama pushes for people to be kicked out of their healthcare plans and thrust into ObamaCare so he can collect more taxes.

Gay marriage – If it were just about having the right to marry the person you love and have legal rights there wouldn’t be a problem.  But the activists at the heart of this movement do not care about that.  Their goal is the destruction of the Christian church in America.  Gays in North Carolina had all the rights through Civil Unions that married people receive, but fought for their unions to be sanctified by the church and had those rights taken away.  Where judges are overturning laws regarding marriage, Christians are being beset and sued to destroy their businesses.

Abortion – Does anybody care that over 50,000,000 children and counting have been killed in the womb or is that considered a good thing to sacrifice children to Satan?  Does anybody care that half of these belong to 12% of the population or is that considered a good thing to restrict their population growth?  Does anybody care that those who hate America are breeding more than those who love America or is that considered a good thing to put America in its place?

Free Speech – There are two kinds of people who want to restrict free speech; 1) foolish people who believe they can protect their children from learning evil and being corrupted, 2) evil people who want to corrupt your children and not allow them to learn what is right.  You cannot protect your children from the evils of the world, but you can educate them, and that is what the Left does not want.  Whenever you find people burning books it is always the leftists destroying anything that will teach people the truth about their ideology.

America went through twenty-five years of strong economic growth following the Carter debacle.  Strong Republican leaders like Reagan, Bush, Gingrich, and W all made the economy and the nation stronger than they found it.  Do you want to blame the collapse at the end of W’s term on him?  Try looking to the Democrats you voted to control Congress because it is the regulations of Congress that controls the economy.

While Obama and the media have beaten on Republicans like a redheaded step child to the point they are suffering PTSD, the truth is there to be found.  The catastrophic debt that Obama blames on Bush was never signed off by his predecessor.  President Bush refused to give Congress authorization for a $1.5 trillion deficit, but Obama did and then blamed it on Bush.

No jobs were “saved.”  No jobs were created.  America today is as weak as it was when Carter was president.  People had twenty-five years of an economy run on Republican ideology and strength, and then bought the media hype that Democrats would “share the wealth,” pretending that Americans were poor.  Now people have been getting a real dose of Democrat’s idea of building wealth in the nation, with most of it going into their own pockets.

Obama with the Fed is like liberals with a credit card

People voted for Democrats purely out of the pettiness of envy and the sickness of greed.  Now people voting for Democrats are the very definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  The Left has brought about a great American decline, and their media propagandists keep on calling such an admission racist out of sheer stupidity.

Democrats change the name, but the lies remain the same

Liberals Backwards Think

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