You can always count on liberals to do the stupid thing


Democrats are running away from Obama and his policies because people are realizing what a failure they are.  But Obama is swearing that these people stand with him and his policies are on the ballot.  With 65% of the country at odds with Ebola and ISIS treatment, many will still vote Democrat.

Doesn’t matter what the subject, when the Left digs their claws into it you can always count on them to do what’s best for themselves and worse for everyone else.  When you question them they always declare their motives to be pure, but the results speak for themselves.  Once liberals have mucked up what was once great, their solution is always for them to take more money from the taxpayer to try to fix what wasn’t broken.

Ebola vs the flu

Influenza is not the Common Cold though it is an airborne virus that is seasonal for which there is a vaccine.  5%-20% of the world population gets the flu each year.  In the USA about 200,000 people are hospitalized each year with about 30,000 dying, usually the elderly and infants who develop pneumonia.

By contrast Ebola is passed by direct contact and has a 90% mortality rate without early treatment, but even then it still exceeds 50%.  Ebola’s spread is generally limited by the low population in Africa and people dying.  Big outbreaks in African happen when it gets into high population areas, which are generally cities whose populations are in the tens of thousands.

Cities in America have populations in the millions.  Should Americans be fearful of Ebola coming to the USA?  What do you think?  Is it worth the risk?

ISIS vs Global warming

Obama and the Democrats say the greatest threat to the world today is not ideologies like Islamo-nazis, but global warming.  Ten years ago, global warming advocate, Al Gore, said scientists, whom Obama say consist of a consensus of 98% of them, told him that by this year the polar ice cap would be completely gone and the sea levels would have risen twenty-five feet.

To stop global warming, Obama and the Democrats want to shut down fossil fuel production.  They have stopped American drilling in the Gulf and shut down many coal mines putting tens of thousands of people out of work.  As people who don’t understand science learn that CO2 is not making a greenhouse shield because it’s a heavier than air gas, leftists turn to other products like methane to blame and continue the fraud.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, the fraud is to get people to pay for more expensive energy from their friends and put the competition out of business, and to pay more in taxes for Democrats to “save the planet.”

ISIS, on the other hand, is dominating the Middle East, expanding, murdering, raping, and looting at will.  There is an excellent article on how Germany became Nazi Germany in the 1930s that stands in stark contrast to the denial of leftists that most Moslems are peaceful.  It only takes a small percentage of the population dedicated to an ideology of hate and control to seize power over all the people and bend them to their will.

Illegal immigrants vs Citizens

There are a million reasons why people should not be allowed to immigrate to the United States illegally.  They not only enter the country without being documented by the government and therefore responsible for paying taxes, but in bypassing the government they also bring whatever diseases they have with them.  Right now there are hundreds of children infected with this serious disease, brought to America by the tens of thousands of Central American children Obama let into the country and then scattered about.

Democrats promise illegal immigrants all kinds of benefits for which taxpayers are footing the bill.  Along with taking benefits like Social Security from seniors who worked and paid for all their lives, they are being given citizen rights illegally.  Dishonest poll workers know who doesn’t show up to vote, and without voter ID it is a simple matter for anyone to take the place of apathetic voter.

At a time when Democrats have destroyed millions of jobs, illegals take jobs Americans need and don’t pay the income tax or spend all their money in this country.  Democrats demand higher minimum wage as if people were meant to have careers living on minimum wage.  Their constant envy of the rich, laziness, greed, and petty sniping has made America a nation of thieves stealing from those who work hard for a living.

Obama’s America

If Obama had not announced that his policies are on the ballot, would the American people ever realize that we are living under his policies?  Obama has been campaigning against Washington for his entire presidency to date – six years of pretending he has nothing to do with Washington policies that are wrecking the economy, blaming everything on Bush.  Democrats have been accusing Republicans of trying to undermine Obama at every turn.

The fact is that the Democrats, with the help of the media, completely undermined Bush for eight years and have done their damnedest to prop up Obama.  People have been living under Democrat policies since 2006 when they elected a Democrat Congress.  All of the condemnation of Bush for what Democrats have wrought is coming to light for most Americans, but as Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time,” and they will continue to vote for Democrats.

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