Obama declares the Lord’s Truth that the economy is great


Obama’s charismatic speech making always includes the straw man assertion that his truth is the only truth.

Barack Obama says the economy is doing great.  He says so with the conviction of God’s Truth!  It is indisputable that America’s economy is doing better than at any time in history.  Never has the economy grown as well as it has under Obama, and that growth has been more continuous than ever.  Americans are prospering as never before.  No one can contest God’s Truth.  Hail, Obama!

No one can doubt Obama’s word.  No one can dispute the facts.  When Obama speaks, he speaks the Truth of the Lord!  And if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, Al-Qaeda is dead, ISIS is the JV team, there’s not a smidgen of corruption in his administration, the Earth’s climate is being destroyed by humans burning fossil fuels, Islam is peace, and all the world should live under the blessings of Sharia Law.

And the Moon is made of cheese that can cure cancer if eaten.  This is how Obama talks that makes liberals glassy-eyed fanatics, cheering with tears of rapturous ecstasy as they follow Obama like lemmings to the sea.  Try to tell a liberal that Obama states facts in which there is only a smidgeon of truth, and they will call for you to be burned at the stake as a looney heretic.

With this kind of charisma and this kind of vacuous following it is easy to see how men like Mohammad, Hitler, and Obama convinced people to follow them, become part of their religion, and brain wash them to unquestioning and absolute conviction.  This is how you convince students to protest schools that would teach them the truth about the greatness of America and to reject righteousness.  This is how they teach fools to declare they will not obey authority, and then not question the totalitarian bigotry and hate of the Left.

In the war between Good and Evil, between God and Satan, the weapon of the Left is deception combined with blind, unquestioning obedience.  It’s easy to brainwash children who know nothing and convince them to adhere to a lie rather than exercise critical thinking.  Children believe whatever they are told because they don’t know any better, and must be taught to examine the facts to learn the truth because people will lie.

“It is indisputable that our economy is stronger today than when I took office.  By every economic measure we are better off now than we were when I took office.” – Barack Obama

Obama can say factually that the economy has grown more steadily in his administration than ever in history.  But that doesn’t change the fact that ten million fewer people are working today than eight years ago, and those ten million have added to the millions who are on welfare living off American taxpayer’s dollars.  That does not change the fact that Obama has given trillions in borrowed taxpayer dollars to Wall Street that our children will be paying back for decades.

Job growth, regardless of how regular, means nothing if that growth is small compared with job growth under previous presidents, especially the growth under the Republican policies of Reagan, Gingrich, and the Bushes.  The economy may have improved slightly under Obama, but he cannot say the economy is better off than at any time before he took office.  In actuality, it is ten times worse than under Reagan, Gingrich, and the Bushes, but comparable to that of Jimmy Carter.

Liberal’s willful disregard of the truth has been guiding America down the road of its own decline.  The sooner conservatives teach the young the error of their ways, the sooner recovery can begin.  But the Democrat Party does not only consist of those who are being duped.  It is the deceivers who must be exposed and that can only be done by educating the ignorant, low-information voter before he votes again.  And the moderate Republicans of the GOP, who merely want to replace the liberals as the ones in charge of the money they are taking from the people, are not participating in any such education.

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