Not warring on not Islamic terrorists not a state by not a leader

Burn ISIS flag

Obama announces the U.S. will lead from behind by providing support and training for Moslems to fight the Islamic State terror army.  This strategy worked so well with the Iraqi army that was trained and equipped at the cost of billions of taxpayer dollars only to cut and run at the approach of Jihadis.  Moslems who object to the teachings of Mohammad to wage Jihadic holy war on people, along with those whose eyes have been opened to the evil teachings of the Prophet have begun a campaign burning the Islamic flag.  Most Moslems are abhorred by this act and support Jihadis contrary to leftist propaganda that only a few Moslems are “radicalized.”

Polls say that 60% of the people see Obama as a weak and indecisive leader, one that Democrat media pundits spin by calling him a “reluctant warrior.”  Despite making his best effort at sounding like a conservative, Obama’s non-war war speech, with his contradictions trying to combine Republican and Democrat ideology, fell on the dubious ears of a public sickened by his fractious leadership.  Obama made every effort to unite the people behind him for a non-war against what he calls a non-Islamic Islamist terrorist state, but the majority of Americans have had the wool pulled away from their eyes.

If Democrats don’t even know what to call this operation to enlist the aid of Moslems to fight Jihadis whom they won’t even call Jihadis, how are they going to figure out what to do with it?  With no coherent goal, no cooperation with allies, no leadership by this man who has not been president by only the agitator-in-chief, America’s security and that of the world is going down the toilet.  To Obama, managing America’s decline, reducing the economy while claiming it is growing, increasing taxes through ObamaCare while claiming he is lowering them, opening the southern border to a million illegals saying he will act without Congress to grant them amnesty at the first opportunity, and shrinking America’s military power and influence in the world, and lending American support to destroy the Islamic State without leading the charge are his most important objectives.

Dealing with Islamic Jihadis establishing a terrorist state in the Middle East is not important, but he must make every effort to appear to be engaged while doing nothing significant.  Low-information voters will listen to what he says and say, “Yes, that’s what we need,” but then they won’t pay attention, as usual, to what he does while everything he does is doing harm to the nation.  When the harm is done, he will turn to the low-information voters and tell them it’s all the Republicans fault, and they will believe him because they haven’t got a clue why things went bad except for what Obama tells them to believe.  After all, he’s the president, and his success is the nation’s success, right?

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