America is facing extinction unless we act now


Man has no more effect or control of Earth’s climate than of the Sun.  Yet Democrats tell the ignorant masses that they need even more money from taxpayers to “save the planet.”  The science of global warming is the science of mystics scamming the taxpayer.

America, and the world, faces the gravest challenge to its existence in its history.  According to Democrats, civilization and life as we know it, even life itself, is facing ultimate destruction if we do not ACT NOW!  What is this great threat, the great challenge that faces Americans in the 21st century?

  • Is it impending economic collapse from government taxing the people to death and spending like money is free?
  • Is it the militant ideologies of socialists; Communists and Islamo-nazis, that want to destroy America and enslave the world?
  • Is it global pandemics of uncontrollable diseases, starvation, pestilence, or the potential for biological warfare?

No, according to Democrats the greatest threat to America, to the future of mankind, to the planet, is climate change.  Liberals believe that America’s industry is responsible for changing the climate of the world in a way that will lead to the death of life on Earth.  Young people who are ignorant of the world, science in particular, believe what they are told when someone like Barack Obama tells them all scientists except a few loons in the pocket of millionaires agree that global warming is a real threat.

Refuting global warming science is elementary

The real threat is government that threatens anyone who will not do as they are told.  Getting accurate data in the last twenty years has become nearly impossible because those who do not tell the tale that Democrats wish are cut off from government funding, and then demonized in the public eye by government propaganda.  People have no more control of the climate of the planet than they have over the solar output of the Sun – unless they think our carbon emissions affect every planet in the solar system that has shown the same temperature fluctuations as Earth.

The most important issue, the greatest danger facing America today is from its own government.  Those who want to convert America from a Republic to a Democracy they can more easily corrupt made great advances in the twentieth century.  Now the nation is ripe to be converted to a socialist dictatorship whose wealth and prosperity can be harvested by those in power.

Climate change, the economy, Islamists, illegal immigrants, gun ownership, disease, abortion, gay marriage, religion, even minority rights are just symptoms of the cancer that is killing America.  The greatest threat to America and the world is Democrats who are taxing and spending America into oblivion, making her weak, and giving those who despise the Land of the Free their opportunity to destroy her.  And the only solution, a return to the republicanism on which America was founded and grew, is being portrayed as evil.

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