Saying Islamic State not Islamic, Obama’s America will train Arabs to fight them


Obama announced America will seek to form a coalition of Moslem nations to provide troops to fight ISIL/ISIS.  He declared that America will train and arm them while providing air support.  This strategy he claims has had great success in Yemen and Somalia.

In a speech last night to map out a strategy he told America a week ago that he didn’t have, Barack Obama laid out a four point plan to degrade and destroy the Jihadis of the Islamic State.  His first point was to declare that they were not Islamic saying, “No religion condones the killing of innocents.”  This is not true of Mohammad who ordered the assassinations and killing of many innocents who spoke against him as recorded in the both Koran and Hadith, but which he always justified as forgivable because it is “the will of Allah.”

Obama channeled his predecessor when he said, “This is a core principle of my presidency; ‘If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.’”  Dana Perino observed that this is what President Bush said after 9-11 when he told the world, when it comes to terrorists, “You are either for us or against us,” and what Obama had, until now, denounced.

Obama’s plan included training more Moslems to fight ISIL/ISIS.  America had already done so in Iraq, including arming them with billions of dollars in America military hardware.  Those guns and tanks are now in the hands of the Jihadis after the Iraqis abandoned them and ran.  Obama’s limited air strikes are equally impotent.  One bomb, one kill is not a viable strategy, but a waste of American wealth and power.

Believing that Arab nations will rally behind Obama to take on the Jihadist state is as fraught with danger as declaring that the U.S. has no strategy with which to deal with this terrorist army.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) pointed out that this strategy, which is the same as in Yemen and Somalia that Obama says is successful, has been failing to do more than inflict pinpricks on terrorists in those countries.  The focus of Obama’s strategy is reliance on a coalition of Moslem nations to fight ISIL/ISIS, including President Assad of Syria whom Obama declared must be removed by insurgents.  This strategy seems to be tailor made to arm more of these countries with expensive American arms and squalor even more of America’s wealth on the Middle East.

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