Twisting Obama’s arm to obey the will of the people

Baghdad Obama

Six months ago Obama blew off ISIL as “the JV team.”  Now he denies he said that about them earning him four pinnochios from Factcheck.  He shows no concern for the atrocities of these Sunni Islamists and is extremely reticent about taking action against them.

Barack Obama has been ruling against the will of the people from the start of his presidency.  Despite having been elected by a majority vote, the majority of the people have objected to his policies.  Yet he was re-elected.  People continued to believe him when he said the economy was the fault of President Bush, blaming Republican policies of President Reagan for the last thirty years when it doesn’t take six months for government policies to make major shifts in the economy.  People have forgotten the prosperity of the 80s and 90s in the shadow of war.

Even so, ObamaCare was passed and instituted against the will of the majority.  So much so that Massachusetts elected a Republican to the Ted Kennedy seat to break the filibuster proof Supermajority.  Since then Obama has bent over backwards, not to pass legislation that the people want, but to institute his policies and put the blame for their effects on Republicans.

But he is having no luck in convincing people that the illegal immigration problem is Republican’s fault.  The vast majority (60-70%) of people do not want amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Obama’s promise to act dictatorially to grant amnesty by imperial fiat from the executive office has fallen on its face.  Even his 95% of support by blacks falls below 65% on this issue.

When it comes to the Middle East the vast majority did not want to bomb Qaddaffi in Libya.  The vast majority did not want to aid the Muslim Brotherhood in gaining power in Egypt.  The vast majority did not want to assist Moslem rebels in Syria.

Now that the vast majority wants Obama to bomb ISIL, yet he does nothing.  Only a third of Americans supports Obama in his policies and approve of the results.  If they disapprove they assign blame to Republicans who have been powerless either to stop any of his policies or have any of their policies instituted.

Rush Limbaugh said he hopes Obama fails.  Those who believe the president is the nation condemned him as hoping America fails.  Yet Obama has succeeded in instituting the policies he wants and not what the majority wants – and America is failing just as Rush predicted.  Obama’s policies have damaged America both at home and abroad, and most people have finally awoken to that fact despite Obama’s silver tongue.

As Abraham Lincoln said,

“You can fool some of the people all the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

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