Republicans rape women and drink the blood of children

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Democrats only defense against pushing their policies on America that are causing her to fail is to demonize Republicans. The ignorant masses, who don’t understand how their government works, respond to propaganda far better than to honest debate.

Have you been listening to how Democrats are talking about Republicans for this upcoming election?  They have nothing to offer but more joblessness, more foreign chaos, and more misery.  They have stolen America’s wealth, America’s hope, America’s promise of a better life.  So the only thing they have to offer in the 2014 campaign is to portray Republicans as demons.

Chairwoman of the Democratic Nationalist Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, compared Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin to a wife beater.  She said he was beating on Democrat public unions the same way men beat their wives, slapping women down, yanking them back by the hair and forcing them into submission.  Luis Gutierez (D-Ill.) reviles Republican objection to amnesty for twelve million illegal immigrants saying, “It’s as if they hate and despise all our children,” implying that Republicans want all Hispanic children to live in poverty and die.

Schultz likens Gov. Walker to a wife beater

Gutierez labels Republicans hateful racists

Democrats take their cue from Obama to use inflammatory language to stop their followers from listening to Republicans.  They stop debate about the effectiveness of their policies whose only effect has been to suck the wealth out of the nation, and then demonize Republicans as being responsible.  Democrats have no clue how Republicans make the economy work because they listen to Obama say they caused this endless recession, which he calls a recovery, and pay no attention to the fact that he is giving rich people billions of dollars of borrowed tax dollars to Wall Street.

They see no end to this economic malaise because Obama tells them Republicans have no new ideas and the Democrat media aids them by not giving a microphone to Republicans.  People are kept ignorant of the truth by a media that is working with Democrats because, like public unions, they get more money from government by being in bed with them than they can make on their own.  Even FDR when he began taxing the rich at 70% causing the Great Depression was against unionizing government workers, because doing so would not just give them a united front against a greedy employer, but government muscle against the taxpayer who would be forced to pay.

Five hundred billionaires against sixteen million poor kids in America

This is why Obama spends his campaign time portraying the TEA Party as the KKK, because debating them why he is giving billions of tax dollars to Wall Street billionaires putting the nation’s children into vast debt would expose his agenda.  Democrats are more concerned about promoting their ideology of giving them more of the people’s money to “save the planet from climate change” than they are for the economic future of the people.  Its campaign season and Democrats are going to do their damnedest to sound like conservative Republicans to get votes, and then go right back to being liberal tax and spend Democrats.

Biden tries to talk like a Republican, outshines Obama’s blasé criticism of ISIL

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How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

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