Failing to make the grade – Is America declining because of Obama or Congress?

Suicide of America

Americans are unhappy with the current state and direction that the country is heading.  While conservatives are disgusted with the corruption and socialist policies being instituted by Obama that are harming the nation, liberals are unhappy he has not crushed Republicans under his heel and declared himself king.  As the danger of Islam grows greater, moderates are slow to act and liberals blame America’s actions in fighting the evil of Islamists as the cause.

According to recent polls, if you’re a liberal you believe America is improving economically, militarily, socially, and diplomatically, and that any failure is due to Republicans not working with the president, and that Republican policies are what resulted in today’s situation.  You believe that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have ignited the fury of Moslems and that continuing to fight them results in giving terrorist organizations a recruiting motivator.  You believe that Obama is a successful president whose only failure has been in not beating Republicans down to heel.  You believe the uproar over ObamaCare, the IRS abuse of the TEA Party, NSA spying on Americans, Benghazi, ISIL, and Russia are all phony scandals trumped up by racists against the honest and noble Barack Hussein Obama.

You approve of the unemployment rate dropping, of reducing the military, of imposing social issues on America while expanding entitlements, and of reducing America’s influence in the world.  You believe Republicans are painting a phony picture of America declining, and that they are deliberately blocking Obama from improving the country further with legislation like; Cap & Trade, illegal immigrant amnesty, and not assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing governments in the Middle East.  You believe Obama is a leader, maybe even a savior, and account for 30-40% of the population.

You believe him when he says he is a Christian and not a Moslem, an American and not a socialist, and an incorruptible champion of righteousness and not a pathological liar.  You believe him when he says the world is in danger from human industry and that he will save the world from impending doom through his destruction of the fossil fuel industry and promotion of Green Energy.  You believe religion is the bane of existence and has no place in society except in people’s homes who believe in that fantasy.

If you’re a conservative you believe the opposite of all of this because you’ve actually been paying attention to what the government is actually doing.  You are angry because it is the opposite of what they have been saying as is everything in liberalism.  You know that Reagan conservatism reversed the trend of Democrats over the last sixty years, made America strong, made the economy roar, and set America’s enemies back on their heels for two generations.

If you’re a conservative you know that there is nothing to be done about climate change because it’s a natural event not affected by man.  You know the economy is still in the tank because Democrats cook the books on unemployment figures, and that their policies are strangling the economy, and you know that their trillion dollar deficits are going to bankrupt the nation.  You understand that Democrat policies are making America weaker and our enemies stronger.

You know that IRS targeting, NSA spying, EPA business strangling regulations, and colossal deficit spending are all part is Democrat’s inherent corruption.  You know that government spending is draining the economy of jobs and that there are fewer people working today than in the late seventies.  And most importantly, you know that the greatest threat facing the world today is not climate change, but the militant aggression of socialists and Islam.

If you’re a moderate you are confused by the mixed messages, the propaganda, the misinformation, and are just beginning to understand how the world works.  That understanding begins when you understand that everyone is born a liberal, but as they learn morality and are educated in how the world works, how people act, you realize what makes society better and what makes it worse.  Typically, by the time they reach the age of twenty some 60% have learned moral behavior and become mostly moderate, and those who understand people better will already be conservative.  Of the other 40%, half of them will remain liberal throughout their lives while half of them will swing moderate and some eventually become conservative as they learn more about morality and reality.

Obama says, “If Congress will not act, I will,” because he cannot force them to accede to his demands to pass amnesty and spending according to his desires.  Leaders do not lead by forcing others to obey.  They lead by inspiring others to follow.  This is the fundamental difference between Obamaism and Reaganism.  People loved Reagan, people fear Obama.

Obama’s disregard of the Constitution, his demands for higher taxes and more spending, and his tactics of blaming Republicans for the destruction his policies cause, while campaigning as if he is fighting those policies, is working well to dupe his supporters.  Democrats have set America back forty years making her as weak economically, militarily, socially, and diplomatically as she was in the late 1970s under Carter.  Welcome, America, to the second and third terms of Jimmy Carter and the forced continuing decline of Americanism.

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2 Responses to Failing to make the grade – Is America declining because of Obama or Congress?

  1. ME says:

    What does this angry rant have anything to do with climate change?


    • dustyk103 says:

      This vulgar attempt to label this article an “angry rant” indicates nothing of an intelligent question, but simply a liberal attempt at subversion.


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