Censorship of Rush, Hannity by liberal businesses

Liberals are doing their best to silence conservatives in media.  So contentious have Americans become that even businesses are taking sides.  Liberals are saying they do not want to advertise on conservative talk shows like Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s.  Even the CEO of Starbucks told a Christian investor he doesn’t want his money in his company so long as the man does not support gay marriage.

Rush, Hannity under attack by liberals seeking censorship

As the voices of righteousness and purveyors of the truth, Rush and Hannity have been under attack by liberals for decades.  Accusing them of being racist, bigot, homophobes, liberals do their level best to impugn their characters and smear their names with whatever lie they hope will stick.  Lies and mockery are the only tools liberals have to push forward their agenda because they know they cannot compete in open, honest debate.  Almost everyone who says they won’t listen to Rush and Hannity are those who believe the lies that others say about them.

Liberals always deny the truth until the likes of Rush and Hannity shine the light of truth on them so brightly that they must make a show of admitting it.  The Limbaugh Theorem exposed Obama’s popularity as a fraud based on his campaigning against “mysterious forces” (i.e. Republicans) in Washington while it is his own agenda that is destroying the economy.  While Republicans have been threatening to repeal and defund ObamaCare, Obama is actually doing it because he knows the damage it will do cannot help but be tied to him, and he doesn’t want that truth to come out before the next mid-term elections.

Conservative Christians should give these business owners their way.  Since they want ideology to infect the marketplace, let them reap what they sow.  Boycotting their companies is only right when they request it themselves.

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This site is my opinion only and is unpaid. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter with 25 years of service in the City of Dallas Fire Dept. I have a B.A. degree in Journalism, and A.A. degrees in Military Science and History. I have spent my life studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics making me a qualified PhD, Senior Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute, and tenured Professor Emeritus for Advanced Conservative Studies. 😄 It is my hope that readers can gain some knowledge and wisdom from my articles.
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