Liberals say it’s ok to beat on gays, Trayvon’s hate crime

When Rachel Jeantel talked to Piers Morgan, she revealed that she told Trayvon that Zimmerman might be a gay rapist.  Jeantel said she told Trayvon to run from him, then said he might try to follow him home and get his little brother.  Rather than call police and report him, Trayvon did what any teenager who doesn’t trust police would and circled back to attack Zimmerman and give him a whoop ass.  Although Zimmerman is not gay, in Martin’s mind he was.

Rachel told Trayvon to run from gay rapist

The inconvenient truth for the racists trying to gin up racial animosity through the Trayvon Martin shooting is that Martin was committing a hate crime when he attacked a man he thought was gay.  Blacks who think it’s cool to walk around with their pants hanging down to expose their derrieres are going to attract those who like men’s buttocks.  Somehow they think that makes them look like they’ve been in prison and are gangsta, but those in prison do so to attract other inmates who are “a certain kinda way” as Jeantel put it.  There are certainly no women to whom this is appealing, even the most ghetto black women who all say “they look like fools.”

An inconvenient truth about inconvenient facts of Trayvon Martin

Martin was the cause of his own demise by his attacking Zimmerman viciously rather than calling for help.  That he believed being a “bad ass gangsta” was the right thing to do and assault a stranger is the failure of his parents to teach him morals, and of black leaders who promote racial strife to enhance their own power.  Bill O’Reilly exposed Al Sharpton for the fraud he is, that Sharpton will tell whatever lies are necessary to keep blacks from listening to the righteous and continue down their path of revenge.

O’Reilly vs. Sharpton

Those who are profiting from the race grievance industry by fomenting racial animosity are leading blacks down the road to Hell merely to benefit themselves and cement their own power.  Their minions complain that white men like O’Reilly don’t have the right to tell blacks who their leaders should be.  Though blacks may choose to follow whatever leader they want, those who choose to hate are following the piper to their own destruction.

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