An inconvenient truth about inconvenient facts in Zimmerman case

An inconvenient truth in life is that liberals deny facts like those of Travyon Martin.  Denial is an ugly thing.  Yet liberals continue to deny the facts in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting.  This is part and parcel in keeping with the dysfunctional thinking of the Left and liberal backwards think.  In their minds, George Zimmerman is alive and Trayvon Martin is dead, therefore Zimmerman is guilty of murder first, facts come second.

Despite the admission by Rachel Jeantel on Piers Morgan that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, they continue to maintain their claim that no one knows who started the fight because there was not an eye witness.  Likewise, they continue to say Zimmerman was on top of Martin despite there being an eye witness who testified Martin was on top beating George.  Lastly, their portrayal of Martin as a sweet little black boy and Zimmerman as a big angry redneck is pure fantasy with the opposite having been proven to be true.

Liberals claim Zimmerman provoked Martin by following him and that George brought a gun to a silly teenage fist fight.  Again, the facts and righteousness prove to be inconvenient facts for the Left.  If Martin was afraid of Zimmerman, why would he turn and attack him rather than flee and call police?  If Martin were so sweet and innocent, why does Zimmerman have flecks of concrete in the back of his skull from Martin beating his head on the sidewalk?  Liberals who claim this was “just a fist fight” should have someone bash their skulls on the sidewalk a few times if they believe no one can be killed by hitting their head on concrete.

Larry Elder condemns liberals disregarding facts

Piers Morgan emotes typical liberal assertions asking the question, “Do you think Rachel Jeantel is stupid?”  Proving there is such thing as a stupid question Morgan attempts to set the typical liberal trap.  They do this so they can condemn conservative’s opinions and lay the basis for their denial of the facts in their minds as legitimate.  Morgan would never ask if Jeantel is honest because that is proven false by her interview in which she revealed opposite facts from what she said in court.

Morgan asserts Trayvon Martin didn’t commit any crimes in that neighborhood.  In the same vein as they claim we don’t know who threw the first punch, how does he know Martin didn’t commit any crimes?  Was he with Martin 24/7?

Just because he hadn’t been caught and charged with a crime is no more proof of innocence than saying George Zimmerman is guilty of murder.  An assumption of innocence is as baseless as an assumption of guilt.  The difference between the Left and Right is that the Right understands that the Constitution requires an assumption of innocence until proof of evidence, while the Left always automatically assumes what they want and maintains it regardless of evidence.

Morgan asserted that Jeantel is intelligent based on claims she speaks three languages fluently and has an education.  Yet statistics show that black illiteracy after high school is three times higher than other races, and listening to Jeantel talk on Morgan’s show and in court is proof she can’t even speak her first language fluently.

Leo Terrell unloads on Juan Williams

Williams asks, “Why did (Zimmerman) have to shoot and kill him?”  The answer for the unthinking liberal is that having a gun in your hand does not automatically make you the winner in a fight and force the other person to back away.  How many times have you seen on TV someone grab the gun and the person holding it end up being the one shot?  Another very stupid question.

Blacks care more about Trayvon Martin than Antonio Santiago

Liberals are enraged over Martin’s death continuing to make baseless allegations of white racism.  People’s frustration over the lies is always portrayed by the Left as proof that “they are filled with anger,” but this is just another lie to hide the truth.  Conservatives have every right to express righteous wrath at their deceptions and dysfunctional morality.

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