Black vs White in America, Obama sets back race relations fifty years

When Barack Obama became president the Left portrayed him as a uniter and said that racism in America would end.  Instead, in just four short years, race relations between blacks and whites have been devastated, falling from a positive rating of 70% in 2007 to less than 40% today.  This collapse is said to be due to a resurgence of the KKK in the form of the Tea Party and the killing of Trayvon Martin who was portrayed as a modern day Emmett Till.

Black and white relations set back fifty years

The Tea Party came into being because of his insane spending spree, shutting down oil and coal and wasting billions on green energy failures over the fraud of man-made global warming.  Trayvon Martin was a teenage thug well on his way to becoming another black career criminal and committing his first murder when George Zimmerman defended himself.  ObamaCare did nothing to improve medical costs, but is costing people jobs and insurance by forcing everyone to pay more to a government that wastes trillions of dollars while pocketing much for themselves.

Over the years liberal Democrats have made laws for Americans while spewing in the face of justice.  Obama is just the culmination in a party invested in enriching itself while pandering to the worst of Americans and blaming those who have made America great as the cause of the economic damage they have inflicted.  Democrats are the party that is killing the golden goose in their greed.

Barack Obama has proven himself not to be a uniter, but a divider.  His insanely high deficit spending, his belief people can spend their way to wealth, and his insistence on taxing the rich to give to the poor and inflicting ObamaCare on the nation already suffering from millions of lost jobs.  Obama is not healing America from economic and racial woes, he is rending it apart.


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