Obama killing the Golden Goose from on high

FOX News’ Britt Hume said America’s economy is the Golden Goose that has made America the most prosperous nation in history that didn’t steal their wealth from other nations.  America’s economic engine grew on free market capitalism that allows entrepreneurs to produce under the protection of the government.  But Democrats, he says, have a different economic model that is destroying company growth with excessive taxation to pander to their constituents.

“Republicans worry about the health of the goose, Democrats about distribution of eggs.” – Brit Hume

Hume condemned Obama’s claims of job creation as false, saying that companies succeed despite Obama, not because of him.  Sean Hannity revealed that statistics show “for every job Obama claims he ‘created,’ two people have gone on food stamps.”  He pointed out that the economy still employs nine million less people than under Bush despite the intervening five years of Obama’s “jobless recovery.”

Rush Limbaugh said this speech is Obama publicly embracing The Limbaugh Theorem; that Obama campaigns against the problems he is creating.  ObamaCare, energy, and illegal immigrants are all perfect examples.  Obama is taking a problem, making it worse, blaming Republicans, then proposing even more radical solutions that only increase Democrat power in Washington.

By instituting ObamaCare he is creating a desperate medical insurance problem whose solution will be single payer through government, then government gets your money before the doctors.  He restricts oil and coal so people need more energy and gives money to green energy friends who launder that money back into his campaigns.  Obama recruits Republican Marco Rubio to be the face of immigration reform, and after Rubio proposes to the people to seal the border and grant limited benefits, Obama comes behind him and pushes for amnesty and open borders so he can make a fool of him when Republicans say no.

Rush said Obama’s corporate tax deal, giving with one hand and taking with the other, is another perfect example of Obama’s duplicity.  He asks, “How many more time will Republicans play Charlie Brown to Obama’s Lucy with the football?”

Limbaugh Theorem: Obama the agent of America’s de-construction

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