Liberal fact checks are fairy tales


Liberals facts are only facts to those who believe the distortions and lies they’ve been told without examining them to find the truth.

Hillary keeps telling people to fact check Trump’s statements.  Except what liberals believe to be true facts are never true in reality.  Here’s just a small sample:

  • Trump is a racist

Trump is no racist, but if liberals are to be believed anyone who objects to illegal aliens breaking into the country, or stopping potential Moslem terrorists from entering the United States, then you are a racist in their minds even though neither Mexicans or Moslems are a race.

  • Trump molests women

Despite his locker room talk, every woman with whom Donald Trump has ever interacted in seventy years has always described him as a perfect gentleman.  Despite Democrat media attempts to smear him as a molester by producing women in the last week who claim he molested them, every one of them have been proven liars.  Democrats say they go high when we go low have to reach up into the sewer that is still far below the Republican gutter.

  • Bill Clinton is innocent of sexual assault

Just because Hillary prevented the AGs of Arkansas and the United States from allowing the women assaulted by her husband from filing charges, liberals hold him to be innocent of any crimes.  It’s no different than Al Capone never being charged with murder despite numerous murderers committed in front of witnesses.

  • Hillary Clinton is innocent of violating national security

The FBI said “there was no evidence of ‘intent.’”  Since when was “intention” a criteria for charging a crime?  “I didn’t intend to run that red light.”  Hillary setting up a secret server that she had destroyed when it was subpoenaed is more than evidence of intent, just as stomping on my gas pedal is evidence that I intended to run that red light.

  • Global warming is caused by man

If you don’t believe liberal science that CO2 is destroying the planet then you don’t believe in and are a denier of science.  They believe those who understand science better than they do are liars and deceivers who reject “real science” of liberalism.  These are the same people who argue that the Theory of Evolution is established scientific fact.

  • Islam is peace

Liberals even go to extremes declaring that Moslem jihadis terrorists are not really Islamic even though Muhammad teaches Jihad in the Koran.  They invite Moslems to America who say their Sharia Law is above our Constitution and want to overthrow America as founded and transform it into an Obamanation of Islamic socialist hell.

The delusional world of denial in which liberals reside is what keeps them insane in a sane world.  It’s the equivalent of Bill Clinton “defining what the word ‘is’ is.”  The inmates are running the asylum and convicting the psychologists as crazy.

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