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Black lives, Socialism, Islamism, illegals, green energy – America in decline

Ennobling criminals, collapsing the economy, borrowing from China, stealing from taxpayers, giving wealth to cronies, endorsing the oppression of Christians, taking citizen’s right, and enabling foreigners to invade America are the hallmarks of the Democrat Party policy politics bringing America … Continue reading

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More liberal backwards think from Democrat candidates

Former Democrat Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, entered the presidential race for 2016 with a speech riddled with as much fluff, demagoguery, and high rhetoric making Obamaesque promises of giving the Sun, the Moon, and the stars to the poor … Continue reading

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Democrats creating crises and blame to evade issues

Democrats will use any excuse to blame Republicans for America’s woes.  They distract from solutions to the issues that plague the nation and demonize those who would repair the damage that Democrat policies have wrought.  LIVs are instructed not to listen to … Continue reading

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