Democrat Pork – $1800 of taxpayer money to illegal aliens, $700B to foreigners

Democrat’s new Covid “relief” bill is not a boon to help American citizens who will receive $600 of their tax money back. It is a massive pork bill in which Democrats give taxpayer money to deadbeats, thieves, and countries that hate us. Washington is going back to business as usual in anticipation of Biden/Harris successfully stealing power.

President Trump slam’s Democrats putting illegals and foreigners ahead of suffering Americans

This $900B Covid Relief Bill is Democrats pissing in American’s faces. Communistas from south of the border are already forming caravans in anticipation of Biden reopening the border by doing away with Trump’s policies. This includes reinstating catch and release into our country. They won’t have to dismantle the border wall. They’ll just open the flood gates. And all these illegals flocking into our country will get their $1800 of taxpayer money along with taking citizen benefits and rights away from we who will be Democrat’s new subjects.

There is no future for liberty in America. When Democrats steal the Georgia senate seats it will virtually cement their complete corruption of our courts and Congress. There will be no challenge of the Electoral College ballot fraud committed in the six states Democrats have stolen. Unless President Trump invokes the Insurrection
Act imposing Martial Law to stop the steal then American will fall. With the border opened to invasion by illegal alien communist supporters given citizen rights, Democrats will have a lock on all future elections with their votes being added to their anonymous mail-in ballot fraud.

[Author’s Note: Leftist mobster Democrats are already imposing their tyranny on the righteous by threatening lawsuits and laws against us. Newsmax has already been cowed by Democrat threats. They must now add verbal denials of all reports of election fraud as being “alleged” having no evidence since it has not gone to court. This is how Democrats will oppress the moral majority to make us silent once more. They will impose taxes on our rights to crush them unless we pay for our “privileges” in the same way that Islamist “tolerate” Christians by taxing and regulating them out of existence. This is the difference between the leftists and the righteous. The righteous know we have our gifts and rights from God, while leftists believe they only come from government when their rulers allow it. First, they impose taxes and regulations on free speech, then do so on guns and ammo until we are silenced and disarmed. Then they bring down the hammer and put their iron boots on our necks.]

Trump should veto this bogus Covid relief bill that is nothing but Democrat’s first porkulus

President Trump’s Twitter Storm smacks McConnell over failing to support him against Democrat’s election rigging to steal the presidency

Sidney Powell Says White House Aides Are Blocking Her Efforts to Help Trump

Bipartisan COVID-19 and Omnibus Spending Bill Enrolled, Sent to Trump: Pelosi

Newest Covid Relief Bill a relief for Democrats

I Saw Mommy Beheading Santa Claus: Another Precarious Christmas in the Age of Jihad

Will you stand with Trump if he invokes Martial Law to STOP the STEAL?

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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1 Response to Democrat Pork – $1800 of taxpayer money to illegal aliens, $700B to foreigners

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Then Trump needs to do what he has been hesitant to do from the very beginning and th hat is use far more drastic measures than the members of the United States Communist party have used since before he was elected in November of 2016 and his entire first term in office.


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