Joe Biden is NOT the president-elect – this election has NOT been certified

News agencies DO NOT ANNOINT THE NEXT PRESIDNET! FOX News declaring Biden the projected winner is not the same thing as the election being certified. Biden making a victory speech does NOT mean he is the president-elect. This is Democrats trying to steal victory and use FOX News as part of their propaganda media to make people used to the idea that they have stolen the election and Trump is no longer president. Biden is even going out telling the people how he is going to cure Covid. How will that happen? Probably with a vaccine from China. Surprise! If Democrats told you not to trust a vaccine made in America, but Democrats will tell you to trust one made in China, would you trust them?

GSA Responds to Biden Campaign: ‘Ascertainment Has Not Yet Been Made’ on Power Transfer

Murdoch’s liberal Democrat sons now running FOX News have betrayed this nation by joining hands with the left. They have no power to finalize this election. Americans may have lost the only righteous media in the nation. Viewers should force them to rescind their declaration. We will find out tonight if they can subvert Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham to force them to pretend Biden won instead of telling the truth – that the election cannot be decided by the propaganda media of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. We know Rush will always speak the truth which is why the new communist oligarchy will shut him down.

President Trump is challenging the bogus ballot counting in GA, NC, PA, MI, WI, NV, and AZ. If the Supreme Court does not throw out those vote counts and force those states to recanvass their elections, then America will be lost to the party and people who are the gangster thieves of the left. You can say good-bye to the American Dream that Democrats will continue to say they are supporting by stealing your 401ks to pay for their Medicare-for-all including the new illegal alien citizens. They will stack all future elections and Americans will be slaves to their rule.

[Author’s Note: If those states are not forced to redo the elections with people going to the polls, proving their identities, using machines that do not alter their votes, and put law enforcement over the shoulders of those counting ballots, then this nation will be lost. Victory for Democrats means ultimate success of the voter fraud machine to steal this and all future elections. American patriots will become apathetic as the nation becomes a single party socialist dictatorship. A message to Republicans – if you don’t fight and win this battle then you will have lost the war!

Don’t send me letters and call me asking for money! I won’t be giving any money to politicians when I see Democrat thieves running the country instead of going to prison! I will know the futility of your place in Washington as I watch the nation go down the toilet. I will strive to save as much of the money I earned from Democrat’s stealing it through their confiscation taxes. I pray for the salvation of America and the world. Perhaps this is a sign of the 2nd Coming? Or perhaps this will be the end of liberty as the last bastion of freedom on Earth, the Shining City of Hope and Light on a hill, falls into darkness.]

Rush Limbaugh [110920] added later today of course agrees with me

They Want Us to Believe the Country Voted For Republicans, But Against Trump?

Democrat’s denial that we see them cheating doesn’t make them right – #StoptheSteal

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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5 Responses to Joe Biden is NOT the president-elect – this election has NOT been certified

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    It is Carlson and not Carlton not the same name as the people who own the hotel chain.

    Personally I do not believe Tucker would acknowledge “Braindead” Joe as POTUS anymore than any authentic patriot would.


  2. The people on Twitter that were typing in dead folks names – like myself- and several of my followers just for the hell of it…really got a grasp of how fraudulent the election is. We think its funny that the media is calling a 4hr trend on Twitter a myth LOL-


  3. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Yet in every Battleground state they are declaring Biden the winner even herald his Inauguration day.


  4. Simply put, as of 12.05.2020, Biden IS NOT President Elect. PERIOD!!!


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