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The Demonization of Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian darling of the left, but she does not share the leftist views that everyone on the right should be demonized.  Now she is taking fire from leftist haters demanding that she either recant or be … Continue reading

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Another jihadi racks up a body count, Obama to absolve Islam, blame guns

A jihadi attacked a gay nightclub racking up a big body count that is expected to rise as many grievously wounded succumb.  After every such attack Obama and the Democrats have always been quick to blame everyone on the Right … Continue reading

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Martyring Christians in America

“The customer is always right” does not mean that service is a right.  Gay marriage advocates use the legal system to assault and assassinate Christians. America is not a savage culture, but a civilized one.  We are not led by … Continue reading

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