Liberals Now Suffering from Trump Derangement Burnout

Rage Fatigue – Liberals are sinking into a deep depression and their media is suffering major losses in audience.  They have expended so much time, effort, and energy hating Trump and all of his supporters only to find out that all their truths are lies and all their facts are false that they have fallen to pieces.  With their hopes of Trump being perp walked out of the White House shattered, liberals don’t know where to turn as their idiot leaders continue to try to shovel the same sh*t into their minds despite having it hit the fan in their faces.  All they have to offer now is to pander to their greedy base offering them everything for free at taxpayer expense.

Liberal media slump

The Tenets of Liberalism are all based on misconceptions, falsehoods, and propaganda.  The truth of their beliefs is:

  • Life on Earth is not going to become extinct because of CO2.
  • Socialism is not an ideology that is beneficial to the common people.
  • Corporations are not greedy thieves enslaving the masses.
  • Republicans are not racist Nazis.
  • Christians are not evil bigots.
  • And President Trump is not a rapist.

Contrary to all leftist propaganda and lies, it is the Democrat Party and its members who are guilty of all of the above.  They present lies as science and declare that any who oppose them are pagan unbelievers.  They advocate socialist rule by the elites over the masses as a fair economic system superior to capitalism even though socialism has always squandered wealth while capitalism has created it.  They are the party that endorses imperial tyranny stealing wealth from the people to make all equally impoverished.  They are the party that has promoted all racism from anti-black to anti-white and endorsed 20th century socialism in all its forms including fascism.  They are the anti-Christians who condemn everyone who will not turn away from Jesus to follow them.  And lastly, it is their presidents who have been guilty of rape, theft, and lies while their media conceals the truth.

The Democrat debates are revealing the true nature of the Democrat Party.  Those who believe Democrats ever stood for Americanism have not been watching what their party has done and become since their communist wing assassinated JFK.  Before passing ObamaCare, Barack Hussein stood in front of cameras and avowed that American taxpayer money would never be used to give away free healthcare to illegal aliens.  As Rush Limbaugh predicted, ten years later at the first Democrat debates for 2020 president candidates were asked if they would give illegal aliens free healthcare and every last one of them raised their hands!  President Trump said they should change their name to the Socialist Party, but that isn’t enough.  They are already known by their “democratic” pseudonym.  The DNC just needs to be updated from Democratic National Committee to Democratic National-Socialists & Communists.

For those who know history, they know that Democrats have always endorsed all totalitarian socialist regimes throughout history.  From National Socialism to Communism to Fascism to Islamism, Democrats fully support government being the rulers over the masses and the people being servants to the state.  That’s because their party from the founding has always desired to make the president a king and all the people his slaves.  The Democratic National-Socialists & Communists of the DNC all stand together to fundamentally transform America by taking it away from American citizens and giving it to America haters who would give Democrats absolute power.  This is the choice that Americans now face – vote Republican to restore America or vote Democrat to abolish America.  Their open border invasion and theft of taxpayer money is just the beginning of how the left will take down the greatest nation in history to make it their socialist toilet.

All Democrats vote to give illegal aliens free taxpayer paid healthcare

Democrats Call for Repeal of Illegal Immigration Law

Supreme Court blocks adding citizenship question to census


Ilhan Omar’s district city council votes to eliminate Pledge of Allegiance

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

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