Trump not legitimate president? Democrats are not legitimate Americans!

inauguration-preppingOver 200 years of peaceful transfers of power ends tomorrow.  The Left says Trump did not legitimately win the election.  Today’s blacklisters are the communists America tried to root out in the 50s.  Here is all the proof that the Leftists are the totalitarian socialist fascists who deal in deception and lies.

Leftarts are saying Donald Trump is not a legitimate president.  They say he did not legitimately win the election based on the popular vote – even though Hillary lost every battleground state and then some.  Rush Limbaugh made a perfect analogy of how the electoral college works and the rules of the election by comparing it to the 1960 World Series.  The Pittsburgh Pirates won 4 of 7 games and the title, but the New York Yankees scored 55-27 total runs.  The title is not based on who scores the most runs in seven games, but who wins the most games.  Pitt won four of the games by a small margin, but the Yankees ran up the score in the games they won.  Trump won the states, but California, New York, Illinois, and Virginia ran up the vote tallies in their states with bogus votes from illegals and felons and fraud.  (Detroit was caught yielding a phony tally for Hillary thanks to Jill Stein demanding a recount, and that’s just one city.)


That’s how leftists defraud the people, but it doesn’t matter because America is not a democracy.  The Founders made America a republic because democracies always fall to their own corruption.  Leftarts cannot face reality.  America is not a democracy, but a republic.  The presidential election is not a contest of votes, but a contest of states.  Just because states like California can stuff the ballot box by allowing illegals to vote in American elections in violation of federal law does not mean their votes should count.  Donald Trump did not have to win the majority of votes, but the majority of states, and he won six out of seven battleground states plus three more that were not on the Democrat’s radar!


But the Left says the election results are still illegitimate because they claim Russia hacked the election to influence voters against Hillary – even though all they are accused of doing is exposing Podesta’s emails in which the DNC detailed herself w they screwed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination.  They also say FBI Director Comey tainted the election by reopening the investigation into Hillary’s email violations of national security – even though he had already provided proof she had done so.  These people who curse Russia as influence peddling in an America election had no problem with Obama trying to oust Israeli PM Netanyahu or stopping Brexit.  When the shoe is on the other foot they are the world’s greatest whiners.  Even so, they have no moral comprehension of Middle America’s disgust with Washington corruption the Left embraces.


Since losing the election, leftists have resorted to a dozen schemes to sabotage Trump and assassinate him either physically or via media propaganda.  The degree of their hateful insanity is only beginning to manifest in their actions.  Democrats believe Obama has led them to the point of being on the verge of establishing them as the One Party rulers of America and fundamentally transforming the nation into their socialist banana republic plaything.  Trump has not only spoiled that dream, but is also raining on the Republican’s parade to work with Democrats for their own financial benefit, RINOs like McCain who aid the Democrats in their efforts.

Drain the swamp of Washington corruption

CIA leaks to the media are proof that democrat operatives remain in the government to sabotage Trump’s efforts to repair the nation.  There should be no leftists anywhere in our government from the president down to teachers.  Hopefully, President Trump will make it a priority to eliminate America haters from positions of power.  Anyone who believes American is the problem in the world rather than the solution has no place in America teaching Americans or leading this nation.


Obama is the antithesis of an American.  He was raised in Indonesia as a Moslem and educated as a Communist.  His actions have been to manage America’s decline.  The people whom he put into position of power were academics with no real world achievements, only ideas of how to make socialism work – which it never has because it must be inflicted on the people by force.  Even his CIA Director Brennan supported communism in his youth and reportedly converted to Islam under Obama.

As Trump prepares to be inaugurated as the 45th President and restore the republic, thereby bursting the bubble of the socialist Left that strove to impose socialism, Islam, and totalitarian fascism on the American people.  They hire “protesters” to scream ‘fascists’ at the Republicans who will restore freedom, while the Congressional Black Caucus sets out to destroy any blacks who stray from the Democrat Plantation.  Trump’s first order must be to conduct an extermination of all the leftist cockroaches that infest the government.  These people do not belong in America, let alone in control in government.  The Left says Trump is not a legitimate president.  I say Democrats are not legitimate Americans.

Donald Trump ready to go to work for America

America has been corrupted by the Left to turn from God, morality, and righteousness.  Disbelief in God is not enlightenment.  Believing Man is the center of the universe and his own moral authority is not progress.  Liberals are backwards.

What went wrong in U.S. higher education – Harvard tells the story


The Left is the root of corruption.  They are the socialists, fascists, communists, Nazis, Islamists, and totalitarians.  Rosie O’Donnell proves that the Left are the Nazi fascists, while Mark Wahlberg proves that the Right is righteous.  She calls for Martial Law to stop Trump from becoming president because of the false charges liberals made against him, but gives Hillary a pass on her proven crimes and endorse Obama’s treason betraying his Oath of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution and American law.  This is how the Left gains and keeps control – through totalitarian socialist fascism.

O’Donnell calls on police to institute Martial Law against Trump

social-securityAmerica is divided between the Right and Left, Republicans and Democrats, free republic or socialist dictatorship.  There is no working together, there is no unity, there is no compromise.  God and Satan cannot occupy the same church together.

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

Like Christians who invite Islamists to their church for anything other than teaching them about Christ betray Jesus, Americans who embrace communist socialism betray the Constitution.  Muhammad rejected Christ and asking a Moslem to teach Islam in a Christian church is asking his congregation to love Satan and follow him.  Jesus never said to love Satan or invite him to rule.  Islam is the ultimate form of socialism – their utopia in which all the people are the same and bow to their leaders.  Atheists may whine they have a “fantasy” god, but the god of Islam keeps their people in submission via the brainwashing taught by Muhammad.  Teaching communism in American schools is no different.


Democrats are inviting Islam into the West where they are raping women and committing terror attacks on the innocent.  This is the result of appeasement and betrayal.  America needs to not only reject Democrats, but eject them!  Will Smith declared that all Trump supporters should leave America.  America was not built by black racists who have joined with the white racist totalitarians of the Democrat Party, but by white Christian republicans.  The ones who need to be ejected are not the patriots, but those who hate this nation and want to transform it into a corrupt hellhole that worships the Golden Calf.

New Yorkers prefer Martial Law

Leftwing fascists plan riots for Trump inaugural

Leftarts pay protesters to attack Trump

Democrat’s Fake News makes Trump’s day

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2 Responses to Trump not legitimate president? Democrats are not legitimate Americans!

  1. EIleen says:

    If Rosie O’Donnell called for the police to institute martial law, then she is the ignorant one. The military institutes martial law, not the police. Even though the President is the Commander-In-Chief my gut feel is that unless martial law is called on Saturday or after Jan 21, the military won’t comply. Martial Law does remain in the conversation, as the Joint Chiefs of Staff commanded the military, in this case, ordinary soldiers, to not help citizens. This was said before the holidays and lots have changed since then.

    My guess is that if Obama or John Brennan were convinced that they had the support of the soldiers or the National Guard, they would have already called martial law. The fact that they didn’t suggests that maybe the military isn’t on board with the idea of denying Trump the Presidency through martial law.

    Thanks to Project Veritas, the leftists intent on engaging in domestic terrorism by creating a stampede or disabling the Washington, D.C metrorail through chains was exposed and now the Secret Service, the FBI, the D.C police and the metro police know about their plans. They have since scaled back on their plans, and said, “they were only kidding”. Sorry, folks, the Secret Service has a poor sense of humor while on duty.


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