What it will take to recover America


Trump has the opportunity Reagan never had.  But he also has an opposition in Democrats and RINOs that don’t want his ship to sail.

An outsider’s hard truths on America today

Imagine if Reagan and Gingrich had been in office together.  What a renaissance would have bloomed in America!  The two greatest American leaders in the last half of the 20th century turned America away from the path of leftists taking her into decline to rebirth an economic boom and a global victory in the Cold War without firing a shot!  No Democrat in history can boast such an accomplishment.

That Bush 41 was duped into breaking his promise not to raise taxes led to the election of Clinton via the assistance of billionaire spoiler Perot.  The great blessing that Bush defeated Gore in 2000 is the only reason Islam wasn’t invited into America sooner after 9-11.  Liberals, who are generally control freak bullies are, like all bullies, inherently cowards who are always ready to surrender to a bigger bully, and they proved it by electing a racist Moslem to be leader of the free world the first chance they got.  Islam has spread in America with Islamists invading and demanding that Sharia be recognized over Constitutional law and leftists submitting to their new Golden Calf.

But Obama’s regime brought about the demise of the Democrat Party that has lost over a thousand government seats in eight years.  President Trump, obviously a Reaganite, now has an opportunity not afforded to President Bush 41.  He has a Cabinet and a Republican Congress willing to follow him, but how far?  Trump is a businessman, not a politician.  He believes in getting results and profiting from success, not finding ways to milk the taxpayer.  He believes in people who work to earn their living, not in deadbeats who hold their hands out to a government that steals from the taxpayer to provide them with drugs.

The New Democrat Party – Deadbeat Nazi Communists

Repairing America, however, will take more than direction and drive.  Trump must overcome Democrats who will be putting up roadblocks and sabotaging him at every day.  He must battle the Mainstream media leftwing propaganda machine that smears and denigrates him.  And he must contest with RINOs who want to stay allied with the Left in order to reap profits for themselves.  Trump’s Cabinet is populated with achievers who have already succeeded in life, who are not politicians looking to profit.  But they are smeared by the Left anyway because to a leftist the only way to acquire wealth is to steal it.

America has been greatly damaged.  Our economy is in a shambles, our military dismantled, our foreign policy a disaster that gave birth to the renewed Jihad thanks to the Trojan Horse that fooled the nation.  Communists are on the march building up their own economies at our expense.  There will be great pain before the country can recover.  There will be more debt, and more lies, and more propaganda than ever before.  How the people respond will be the key to whether America rises from the ashes or falls to pieces.

It is not just up to Trump to put America back to work.  It is up to the people to not fall for liberal pandering, demagoguery, lies, and frauds.  It is up to the people to become educated in order to think intelligently rather than react emotionally and take chances on Democrats duping them again with empty promises.  That’s why I advocate for conservative networks to have liberal guests, so people can hear their lies as they smile while mocking the truth.  The worst mistake a preacher makes is protecting his children from learning about evil, then sending them into the world unaware and unarmed.  Americans are a can-do people, but America-haters are a gimme culture of parasites who believe all the lies that are sucking the life out of the country.


Make America Great vs. Hope and Change

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One Response to What it will take to recover America

  1. EIleen says:

    It will also take voters taking control of their local government – especially school boards, mayors and sheriffs. The sheriff is one of the few elected officials who can say to the Feds “we will arrest your agents if you step foot in our county!” Several red counties have already said this. Taking control of the school boards will kick out all the Common Core advocates and be able to set their curriculum according to local standards (which hopefully will be good enough to enable their high school graduates to pursue college or a craft).


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