It’s going to take a tyrant to undo the actions of a tyrant

Obama Trump unfit

Many are upset with Trump because they fear he will be every bit as much the dictatorial tyrant that Obama has been.  The problem that Constitutionalists are not willing to face is that the Constitution cannot undo the actions of a tyrant because they can be stonewalled by the minions of the tyrant – and Obama has seeded government with his minions.  Obama’s corruption cannot be undone by legal proceedings when he has set up judicial roadblocks.

It’s going to take tyrannical actions to undo the actions of the tyrant.  What must be guarded against is becoming that which we fight.  When you fight fire with fire it’s easy for both sides to get burned.  But the whole point of fighting fire with fire, as in a back fire to create a fire break, is that you have to destroy some of what is good to stop what is worse.  Only when the fire is out can rebuilding begin.

Obama’s betrayal of the Constitution is not going to stop if and when he has left office.  This non-American will not allow the United States to return to its roots, but will seek every means possible to kill those roots.  If that means seizing power as dictator then be certain you are prepared to face the consequences.  Should Trump prevail then we can only hope that the spirit of Washington will live on through him, because it certainly will not live on through Obama.

Obama calls Trump “unfit to be president”

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1 Response to It’s going to take a tyrant to undo the actions of a tyrant

  1. Kiowah says:

    Fire with Fire or …we all die.


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