Conservative Republican vs. liberal Democrat economy

Democrats believe people must pay for the privilege of doing business, and that people will only prosper through government spending.  Democrats say they are for the little guy and are elected on the promise that they will steal from the wealthy who force the little guy to work for less, “stealing” their labor.  Their economic model is the same as that in which organized crime operates making businesses pay protection money, not from criminals and invaders, but from the government itself.

It is no wonder that they believe that the rich become rich by stealing from those who work for them as the Democrats of today were the crime bosses of yesterday.  Organized criminals acquired enough wealth through theft, blackmail, and racketeering until they acquired enough wealth to campaign for government office.  When they are elected they continue to think and operate in the same manner.

Democrats are what happens when criminals become politicians.  Because they acquired their wealth by stealing, they believe that all business owners acquire their wealth by stealing.  Democrats believe in government ruling the people and the people serving the government.

They believe that higher taxes and government spending is what generates wealth for the little guy.  This form of government, by any other name, is a nothing more than a socialist dictatorship.  There has never been a socialist state wherein all the people prospered and had the opportunity to acquire wealth through their own efforts as they have in the capitalist society of the United States.  Instead, the government prospers while the people are left equally miserable.

Their modus operandi is evident at all levels of government.  Democrats blackmail the states to bow to their agenda in order to get their extorted tax money back.  Gov. Christie (R-N.J.) was cowed by Obama to help Obama’s re-election in order to get emergency funds for the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.  Rather than standing against him to get him voted out, Christie lost his backbone and yielded to Obama’s demands.

Liberal’s policies have left many cities and states on the verge of bankruptcy.  They look to conservative cities and states to supply them with enough tax money to bail out their bastions of corruption so they can continue to squander the wealth of the nation on themselves.  Under the guise of helping the little guy, they line their pockets with tax dollars and threaten Republicans and conservatives with economic destruction and denial of emergency assistance to force them to obey.

Obama bails out bankrupt Detroit, Democrats continue economic destruction

Liberals think with their emotions with their focus only on themselves.  Conservatives think through their emotions with focus on the wellbeing of all.  The story of teaching a man to fish is the difference between the Left and the Right, liberalism and conservatism.

Liberals will give a man a fish to eat for a day.  This makes them feel better about themselves believing they are being charitable, but giving no thought to the person’s future.  Instead, they make the man dependent on their “charity.”

Conservatives believe in teaching a man to fish so he can be independent and become a productive member of society.  This insistence that people act responsibly is spit on by liberals who call it selfish greed for conservatives to not share their wealth.  Conservatives see through this as liberal greed demanding something for nothing, demanding to share the wealth without having to put out the work required to achieve success.

Liberals living in America live like the spoiled brats of a rich family whose father did not teach them morality or a work ethic.  They believe they are entitled to the wealth of their father, the government, and don’t care that they are stealing from their fellow citizens who do work for a living.  America’s moral center has been corrupted by the Left preaching that allowing a deadbeat to suffer the consequences of his indolence is unfair.  This moral decay is what has resulted in criminals becoming politicians and government corrupting the fabric of society that made America great.



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2 Responses to Conservative Republican vs. liberal Democrat economy

  1. Robert Lukacs says:

    Very unintelligent analysis. I could go into it further but your not worth the time and energy.


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