Ebola due to Republican budget cuts, not Obama’s open border

Ebola patient - Reuters

As Obama refuses to give in to Ebolaphobe’s demands to quarantine West Africa, he tells people not to worry about catching Ebola on public transportation.  CDC says the Ebola-infected should not ride buses.  And above is how they handle someone infected.

Yes, it’s classic Obama – blame others for the results of his own policies, demonize Republicans and the budget cuts that don’t exist, and make propaganda commercials to fill the low-information voter’s heads with his bullsh*t.  Democrats, desperate to malign Republicans this campaign season, put out propaganda commercial edited and falsified to make it look like Republicans cut funding to the CDC.  In actuality, a fact that low-information voters will not take the time to uncover, the CDC’s budget increased.

Meanwhile, Obama and the CDC are saying there’s no danger of spreading Ebola on things like buses, but then the CDC director warns that people with Ebola should not be riding buses.  Quarantining West Africa, he says, will only make the disease spread faster as people go underground – to do what besides die?  Leftists are calling those who object to Obama’s policies Ebolaphobes!  Obama’s solution is to appoint an Ebola Czar.

CDC officials confirm they gave nurse with Ebola permission to fly

The second nurse to test positive for Ebola after treating the Liberian man who died of the disease in Dallas had travelled by plane to Ohio.  On her return she reported to the CDC that she had a low grade fever, but was given permission to fly.  Now the Obama administration is saying she lied.  This is the kind of stupidity and incompetence that has been coming out of the White House for six years, and now it is endangering potentially millions of Americans with the deadliest disease know to man.

Despite 65% of the country demanding that Obama quarantine flights from the heavily Ebola stricken regions of West Africa, Obama and the CDC continue to deny that quarantine would help.  They actually claim that a quarantine would result in more exposures to the deadly virus.  This is the kind of nonsense you get when you believe what Democrats say.  The 35% of the population who believe in this BS should be the ones required to have those who come to America from these regions reside with them until they are proven clear of infection.

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