Democrats open borders to Ebola, Enterovirus, ISIS, and Obama’s Revenge

Ebola by country - CDC

By not quarantining West Africans, Obama is permitting Ebola infected immigrants to come to America where two protected healthcare workers have come down with the extremely deadly disease.  There is already an massive outbreak of very dangerous Enterovirus brought into the country through the southern border Obama leaves open to illegal immigrant children from Central America.  Even some ISIS terrorists have been caught crossing the border to infiltrate the USA, which leaves in question how many might already be here and what destruction they are planning.

Ebola from Africa, Enterovirus from Guatemala, Islamic terrorists from the Middle East, regardless of the threats Obama has thrown open America’s southern border and invited them all into the USA.  Obama’s Revenge for America’s founders being Christian white men, for America becoming the greatest nation on Earth, and for being elected president of a nation he calls racist is well underway.  Leftists condemn America as the greatest evil in the world and declare that American’s must pay for their crimes against humanity.

Despite the fact that everyone wants to come and live in America because it is a great nation, despite the fact that every nation that has done business with America has profited and prospered, despite the fact that America is the nation that always acts to help any nation in need, leftists twist the truth and damn the good people of the world.  It’s just their nature as social liberals to believe the worst of those who do good, to think with the dysfunctional ability of a child in absolute terms, and not to see this country for what it is.  People who are dedicated to social liberalism that comes in three simple varieties: the terminally stupid who refuse to learn; the functionally insane who see the world as they want and not as it is; and the vile deceivers who perpetuate the lies by which they live.

Do not mistake the ignorance and immorality of leftist’s social liberalism with the righteous classic liberalism of the Right.  In the war between Socialism vs. Republicanism nothing is more damaging than the manner by which the Left tries to manipulate and control the language, even to the point of taking the name of their enemy as their own and claiming they are the righteous ones.  The movie, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” is a classic example of how the Left infiltrates the institutions of the Right and works to corrupt and destroy them.

By keeping America’s borders open, Obama allows America’s enemies to infiltrate to corrupt our society, our schools, and our homes.  From giving illegal immigrants the benefits for which citizens paid to expanding the influence of Islam by force of fear and oppression, Democrats are betting their future on establishing a power base built on America’s enemies.  The only bright side to this is that their supporters are going to be the ones hardest hit by the scourges that Obama is bringing to America.  And through it all, Obama insists that the greatest danger to America and the world is the proven fraud of man-made global warming.

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