Hamas is a humanitarian organization and crimes of American Jihadis

Israelis bomb Hamas - AFP

Hamas puts rocket launchers and missiles in schools and hospitals so that when Israelis bomb them they kill women and children.  Despite Israeli advance warnings of bombings on the way the Palestinians are kept in place by Hamas to die.  With the help of American Jihadis among Democrats they are winning a propaganda campaign against Israel.

As the war between Hamas and Israel rages on, American Jihadis voiced their love and support for the Palestinians.  Telling the people that Hamas is a “humanitarian organization” that stages rocket launchers near schools and hospitals rather than in the countryside is because “it’s so small a country, there’s no room.”  Both Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) and Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) who made these statements did so in full support of the Hamas “humanitarian” charter to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel.

Hillary and Pelosi spout stupidity about Hamas

Meanwhile, a son of a Hamas leader came out and declared his conversion to Christianity and condemned Jihad and Hamas.  The courage of this young man is what Christians say they wish to see from all the good people who are under the boot of Islamic law.  As an apostate of Islam, Yousef is under sentence of death by his father who declares he has dishonored the family.

Son of Hamas leader condemns Moslem terrorists and declares his Christianity

As Hamas works to make its public image shine in the eyes of leftists around the world, Barack Hussein Obama works to give Hamas more money while at the same time denying financial aid to Israel.  Obama went so far as to have the FAA order a halt to flights to Israel, a move so unprecedented in American history as to ignite the fires of Sen. Ted Cruz to call him out.  The FAA has not even declared Ukraine a no-fly zone following the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner, and immediately lifted the ban following Cruz’s announcement.

Ted Cruz calls out Obama on boycotting Israel during Hamas attacks

That Democrats throw in their support with Jihadis against Israel is bad enough, but their public propaganda campaign to glorify terrorists and vilify the Israelis is converting many to support this evil.  Liberal media keeps conservatives silent who side with Israel and condemn the Jihadis of Hamas.  Arabs targeting civilians and forcing women and children to be human shields, while Israel is actually making the effort to warn them to get away from the rocket launchers prior to an attack, is bringing out the stupidest of liberals who say the Israelis should not be attacking “humanitarian targets.”

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