Dastardly Republicans won’t help Obama destroy America


Obama laughs as he tells his believers that he is trying to help the nation and Republicans are just haters.  GOP has made impotent efforts to stop Obama’s deconstruction of America.

Political pundits say it is ironic that Obama is saying Republicans will not join him in reshaping America, but would rather fight him.  In a campaign stop yesterday, Obama told an excited Democrat crowd that Republicans would rather threaten him with impeachment than pass bills to make America better.  He did not mention the dozens of bills that Republicans have passed to do just that, but they have been blocked by senate Democrats because they would help the nation and that is not Obama’s agenda despite what he says as actions speak louder than words.

Obama laughed as he told Republicans who fight to stop him from stealing taxpayer’s money and destroying this great nation,

“We could do so much more if Congress would just come on and help out a little bit.  Just come on.  Stop being mad all the time.”


Obama and lib media lie and laugh at Republican efforts to stop his stealing

Then he egged on the fools who cheered him saying, “Don’t boo.  Vote!” as he did in the 2012 campaign when he told them with an evil scowl, “Voting is the best revenge!”  Obama is happily inflicting his revenge on the white people he condemns as racists.

Obama blows off Republican threats as “politics,” and conservatives are furious with the GOP for doing nothing more than threatening to sue, at which Obama also laughed.  How angry would you be if you hired a man to fix your house, and when you found him stealing he tied you up, laughed in your face, and taunted you, “Why don’t you help me out little loading your furniture?  Stop being mad all the time.”  You don’t sue the thief who steals from you, you put him in prison!

Obama has every reason to laugh as the GOP quakes in their shoes at the thought of trying to hold him to account for his violations of the law.  While leftists wholly endorse his tearing down the American economy to remake it into a socialist welfare state, his ignorant followers whine about not getting jobs.  These poor fools fail to understand that it is the party of the man for whom they vote that is ruining their chances to live the American Dream.

On the Republican side conservatives fume at Speaker Boehner (R-Ohio) for not having the balls to stand up to Obama’s childish manipulations.  As Obama mocks conservatives, the GOP takes punitive measures like suing Obama for disobeying the law, while Democrats want their messiah to flaunt the law even more.  No one in Washington has any credibility.  Perhaps if Boehner would grow a pair, like Sarah Palin, he might discover that Republican approval would make a positive leap.  Seeing someone in Washington actually doing something to stop the destruction of America by this president and his party would be greatly encouraging.

This all leads to the question for both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans,

“What is wrong with your brain?”

Obama knows that conservatives hate him less than he hates them, and they know how much he hates them by his actions against the Christian church and patriotic Americans.  Where Obama acts to deconstruct America and remake it into a socialist dictatorship, all conservatives want is for him to go away.  Democrats and their chums have stolen trillions of dollars of taxpayer’s money, and the GOP is showing no signs to taking any serious action to even begin to stop them.

Survey Obama’s job performance

Meanwhile, emails were found proving former IRS commissioner, Lois Lerner, was not only targeting conservatives but had a visceral hatred for them.  Now the IRS is going after churches to persecute them for any “political message” that pastors may utter.  This is in total violation of the 1st Amendment.

IRS persecuting Christian churches

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4 Responses to Dastardly Republicans won’t help Obama destroy America

  1. Autumn says:

    Nice article, please consider cross-posting it on Writer Beat. Cross-posting is free and can only provide more exposure to you and your work.

    Autumn – www. WriterBeat.com


  2. Lou says:

    Zany Obama-Inspired Quips

    (1) Barack-coli: a vegetable or a national virus!

    (2) Obama’s favorite candy: Mecca Wafers!

    (3) Obama Coffee: grounds for impeachment!

    (4) Prov. 17:7 (NIV): “Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool – how much worse lying lips to a ruler!”

    (5) When Obama says we’re on the cutting edge of history, he must be thinking about beheadings!

    (6) New nursery un-rhyme: Obaba Black Sheep keeps pulling the wool over our eyes!

    (7) The southwest is running out of water, but Obama is helping with his surplus of wet*****!

    (8) Prov. 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”

    (9) Obama is an expert on beheading. After lunch he tells his secretary: “I’ll be heading back to the golf course!”

    (10) The border fence isn’t high enough to keep out un-American criminals. I repeat, the White House fence isn’t high enough to keep out un-American criminals – and now they’re inside the White House!

    (11) Prov. 30:21, 22 (NIV): “the earth…cannot bear up [under] a servant who becomes king.”

    (12) We’ve gone from America’s Declaration of “unalienable rights” to Obama’s Proclamation of ALIENable rights!

    (13) The nicest words Obama could repeat while golfing: “I’m having a stroke, I’m having a stroke”!

    (14) Obama is so Islamically-correct he hosts MOSQUErade parties in the White House!

    (For more kicks Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)


  3. Annie says:

    Conservatives are all about “backwards thinking.” What’s forward thinking about not supporting gay rights, reproductive rights, universal healthcare (and I know all conservatives hate ObamaCare but honestly, the only reason it’s in such a bad condition right now if because of the terrible, terrible revisions made to the bill that were practically all proposed by conservative politicians), or assistance for the poor? Where is the morality in not granting rights to people who deserve them? Or not providing assistance to people who need it?


    • dustyk103 says:

      Annie, I’m afraid you are horribly confused. None of the 20,000 plus pages of revisions to ObamaCare were made by conservatives. All were done by Democrats while they had their Supermajority in the first year after it was passed. Most of the rest of what you think is “forward thinking” is just blind faith in propaganda about how great liberals believe socialism to be. Study some history of the 20th century and see what socialism has always been.


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